Thin Line 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


Around two o'clock in the morning, Jason got out of bed and stumbled into his mother's room. He often did this when he wasn't able to sleep. And tonight happened to be one of those nights.

Crawling into bed with her, he looked over to the nightstand and found her engagement ring. "Crap." He muttered, realizing that that had to be the first time she wasn't wearing it. "Crap." He said again as he quietly got up from the bed and went downstairs.

Picking the phone up, he dialed a number quickly and patiently waited for a response. Finally, after about 5 rings the geek picked up. "Huh? What?"

"Mr. President, it's me. Jason."

"Jason? What's wrong?"

"It's Mom."

"What happened?" Jed shot up in his bed.

"She… she took it off…"

"What? What did she take off?"

"The ring… Her ring… Her engagement ring… She took it off, Mr. President." 


No more than twenty minutes after he hung the phone up with Jason, Jed was in a Suburban on his way to Abbey's house. All the while he had only one thing going through his head. 'It's over.'

It seemed like forever for the short fifteen minute drive to come to an end, but eventually it did, and Jed was the first out of the vehicle, completely upsetting his detail. But he could care less. He had a mission, and he intended on carrying it out.

Lightly tapping on the door, it was a mere seconds before Jason opened it up. Jed stepped inside and smiled to the boy. "Go back to bed now, son."

"Yes, sir." Jason said as Jed threw an arm around him and they walked up the stairs together. Once at the top, Jason disappeared into his bedroom.

Now, left alone, Jed faced the door that separated him from her. Slowly gliding over, his hand reached down for the knob and opened it. Stepping inside, he found her fast asleep.

Sighing, he made his way over to the bed. Sitting down, he picked the ring up off of the nightstand. "Why Abigail? Why?" He asked, a tear falling down his face.


Thin Line - 5




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