Thin Line 

by: Rhiannon & AJ


An hour later, Abbey was still sitting there on her bedů staring at the phone. Trying to work up the courage to pick it up and call Jed. Just as her hand reached down for the phone, her door swung open and in walked Brennan.

"Ah crap Mom. We're going to be late for school."

"Huh?" Abbey looked up with a dazed look.

"You aren't dressed yet, Mom. We have to be at school in twenty minutes, and you aren't even dressed."

"Okay," Abbey said absent mindedly. "Give me a minute and I'll be right down, okay sweetie?"

"Yes, ma'am." Brennan replied, then took a step forward. Bending down, he gave his mother a hug, "I love you Mom."

"I love you too, Brennan."

"You love the President too, right?"

"Yes, I love the President too. Now go on, let me get dressed." Abbey smiled and watched her song flee from the room.

As Abbey hurried and got dressed, she kept one eye on the phone, wanting, longing for it to ring and for him to be on the other end. But he didn't call. And he didn't wake her up when he was there during the night. He didn'tů

"MOM!" Ariel's voice rang through the house. "We need to go!"

"I'm coming. Lower your voice." Abbey shouted back, hurrying out of her room. 


After dropping her kids off, Abbey sat in the parking lot of Brennan's elementary school. Looking down at her bare ring finger on her left hand, her foot began to press down on the gas pedal.

Slowly, but surely, she made her way to the White House. Climbing out of her car, she sluggishly began to walk to the Oval Office.

Smiling at Mrs. L, she asked, "Is he in there?"

"Yes dear. Go on in."

"Thank you." Abbey said. Moving to the door, her hand connected with the knob, and opened the door. Breathing deeply, she stepped inside and looked up at him. "Jedů"


Thin Line - 7




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