I don't own the characters and the limo's a rental, too.  I'm sure there's a
pumpkin coach somewhere with my name on it, too...

by Rebecca A. Anderson

December 2000

    "Leo," Abbey said quietly, on the not-so-off chance that he was on the

    "What?" he demanded from the couch, where he had a cold cloth over his
eyes, not to mention one hell of a headache.

    "Carolyn Smith is here," Abbey said.  "So you might want to welcome her
to the White House, old man," she teased with an edge to her voice that made
Leo pluck the cloth off his eyes and sit up.

    "Welcome to the White House, Carolyn," he said with a falsely cheerful

    "Thank you, Mr...."

    "Leo," he corrected.  "Leo McGarry."

    "The Chief of Staff," Carolyn said with a smile.


    "Very cool... Mr. McGarry, you don't look very well," she said
sympathetically.  "You look like you have a headache."

    "How astute -- Abbey, why can't you be like that?" Leo teased.

    "Very funny," Abbey muttered.  "Have you taken anything for it?"

    "Yes, of course," Leo groaned, lying back again.

    "Have you tried a pressure point massage?" Carolyn asked quietly, hanging
back slightly.  "Sometimes that helps..."

    "What do you mean?" Leo asked.

    "Well, there are certain pressure points in your hands and feet that help
reduce the pain of sinus and tension headaches, and sometimes even
migraines," Carolyn said hesitantly.  "If you do a massage, it usually helps."

    "I didn't know that," Leo said.  "Think we could try it, Abbey?"

    "It's your head," Abbey replied with a shrug.  "I think you need to see a
neurologist about these headaches of yours, Leo, but what would I know?  I'm
only a doctor."

    "Can I try this first?" Leo asked grumpily.  "What do I need to do,

    "Lena," she sighed.  "Okay, I'm gonna do it this time, since I know what
to do.  Which side of the head is the headache stronger in?"

    "Right," he replied.

    "Okay, let me have your left hand," she said authoritatively.  When he
had surrendered it, she gently found the pressure points she needed and began
to massage the tension in his hands away, which he found had an almost
immediate impact on his headache.  "Your hands are too tense," she sighed. 
"You have some tendonitis, I think...  Dr. Bartlet, do you think he could
take some ibuprofin once his Tylenol wears off?"

    "He should be able to," Abbey said.  "Where did you learn that?"

    "The hospital," Carolyn said, clenching her jaw slightly and backing
away.  "I'm feeling really tired all of a sudden... can I rest somewhere,

    "Of course..." Abbey said gently.  "You feeling okay?"

    "I'm fine," Carolyn snapped.  "I just need to lie down and rest," she
amended apologetically.

    "Leo, if anyone needs me, I'm in the Residence," Abbey said quietly. 
"Come on, kiddo," she said to Carolyn.  "Let's get you some rest.  You're
sounding awfully cranky all of a sudden."

    "I'm sorry," Carolyn whispered, her eyes filling with tears.  "My head is
killing me, and I feel like I've been run over by a truck.  I also want to
toss my cookies because I'm so nervous.  I didn't mean to be cranky."

    "Hey, don't worry," Leo grinned.  "This is the White House.  You get used
to that feeling after a while."

    Carolyn chuckled slightly, and closed her eyes.  "I'll see you later,
Leo?" she asked quietly.

    "Sure, kid," he said gruffly, but with a lop-sided smile.

    "Come on, Lena," Abbey insisted.  "You need to rest."

    "Yeah," Carolyn agreed, falling in step behind Abbey as they walked to
the Residence.  Once there, Abbey showed her to her room, where Carolyn
flopped onto the bed with an audible sigh.

    "You okay?" Abbey inquired.

    "Just don't feel so hot," Carolyn replied.  "Don't worry about me," she
insisted when the older woman moved to take her pulse.  "It's just my head. 
It hurts all the time, because of the tumor," she said with a shrug.  "Can
you pull the curtains, please?"

    "Yeah," Abbey said, moving to close the curtains.  "You sure you're okay?"

    "This is a cakewalk," Carolyn chuckled.  "I'm fine."

    "You want me to bring you some dinner?"

    "Nah -- I'm not really hungry.  I think I'm just gonna rest," Carolyn
replied, her voice laced with tiredness and pain.  "I'll feel better
tomorrow, I think."

    "Okay."  Abbey tried very hard to force the worry lines out of her smile.
 "I'm glad you could come visit," she said gently.

    Carolyn smiled.  "Me, too, Dr. Bartlet," she said.  "I'll see you later?"

    "Of course, kidlet," Abbey chuckled, fluffing the pillows.  "See you

    " 'Night," Carolyn said quietly, closing her eyes.





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