Dear Mr. President 

by: Rhiannon 

disclaimer: Stevie's mine, nothing else...


Donna Moss knocked lightly on Sam's door. She waited a fraction of a second, and then opened the door. She smiled when Sam and Stevie looked up at her, both surrounded by books and papers, "Hey, Stevie. Josh sent me for you. He wants you to come to his office for a little while."

Sam made a face, "Now? We were just getting some work done."

"Sorry Sam, but Leo has a schedule." Donna said, repressing the urge to laugh. "Come on Stevie!"

Stevie scrambled up and went towards the door. Suddenly she stopped and turned around. She walked back over to Sam and hugged him, "Thank you for letting me help, Sam."

"Anytime," Sam said, hugging her back. "Come in here anytime, Stevie."

Stevie smiled at him as she followed Donna out of the office and into the hall. ~~~~ "What's Mr. Lyman going to have me do, Donna?"

"I really don't know." Donna said, guiding her to Josh's office. "But, knowing Josh, it will probably be something he can bother me with for the rest of the day."

Stevie's eyebrows shot up as she detected an almost transparent undertone to Donna's words... almost transparent, but not enough to get by Stevie. She made a mental note and filed it away for future reference as Donna steered her into Josh's office. ~~~~ An hour or so later, Stevie was... well... she wasn't sure what she was doing. All she knew was it involved lots of papers, a rolodex, and a pencil. She looked up at Josh as he leaned over to check her progress.

"Hey, you're doing a great job. Almost as good as Donna."


"Yep," Josh answered. "But not quite as good as Donna..."

"What does Donna do here?" Stevie asked.

"Well, she assists me." Josh said, leaning back in his chair. "She's my right hand. I really don't know what I'd do without her. Sometimes she knows more about what I'm doing that I do..."

Stevie smiled, an idea forming in the back of her head, "She's really pretty."

"Yes, she is." Josh agreed.

Stevie's eyes lit up at the sound of Josh's voice. Chi-Ching!

"Hey," Josh said, snapping Stevie back to reality. "Do me a favor, run those papers out to Donna and tell her to come in here..."

"Sure." Stevie said, rising out of her seat.

"And, don't tell Donna I think she's a great assistant. She'll start getting sassy with me."

Stevie paused at the doorway, unable to choke back the comment, "Isn't she already sassy to you now?"

Josh rolled his eyes, "Just get going."

Stevie grinned, "I'm a getting, I'm a getting."


Dear, Mr. President - 11



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