Dear Mr. President 

by: Rhiannon 

disclaimer: You should know by now, Stevie's mine... the rest isn't.


Leo stood outside Toby's office, watching the pair inside. He had had a feeling that, despite Toby's initial grousing, he would take to the girl. And Leo had not been wrong. He watched as Toby spoke to Stevie, who listened intently to every word he said.

He hated to interrupt them, but the President wanted Stevie to go to the Oval Office and he had asked Leo to get her. Leo knocked on the door and then opened it, "Stevie?"

Stevie looked up, "Yes, sir?"

"The President would like you to join him in the Oval Office for a little while." Leo said.

Toby glanced at Stevie, "Finally, peace and quiet..."

"Hey!" Stevie started to protest.

"No, not really Toby." Leo interrupted. "The President wants the senior staff in his office for a meeting in... five minutes."

Stevie smirked as Toby groaned.

Mildly amused, Leo motioned to Stevie, "Come on."

Stevie wrapped her arms around Toby's neck, "See ya later Grumpy!"

Toby was genuinely surprised by the sudden display of affection from Stevie. Oddly enough, he was pleased by it. But he shook his head, "Get out of here, Midget." ~~~~ Leo was waiting for her when she emerged from Toby's office. He glanced at her, "Are you having a good time Stevie?"

"Oh yes!" Stevie said, happily. "Everyone has been really nice to me."

"Even Toby?"

"Even Toby!" Stevie laughed.

Together, they walked into the reception area of the Oval Office. Stevie walked over to Mrs. Landingham, "Hi, Mrs. Landingham. How are you?"

Mrs. Landingham looked up at Stevie, pleased with the girl's manners and her cheery nature, "Just fine, Stephanie. How are you?"

"I'm really good."

Mrs. Landingham started to reply when a voice drifted from the Oval Office, "Is that Stevie I hear out there bothering my staff?"

"Yes, sir." Leo answered.

"Well, send her in and I'll see what I can do about that," the voice replied.

Stevie smiled as she walked toward the door. With no warning she suddenly pitched forward, flying toward the doorway. In slow motion, those around her watched as she sailed head first into the doorway. ~~~~ For a moment, no one could move. Then suddenly there was a hustle of motion as everyone rushed to Stevie's aid.

Stevie lay on the floor for a moment, trying to make her head stop spinning. She reached up and felt the blood pour out of a gash on her head, "No...."

Jed waded his way through the crowd and helped Stevie roll over. He gasped when he saw the blood rushing from her head. He reached for the wound when Stevie jumped back and screamed.


"Stevie, I need to apply pressure to stop the bloodflow." Jed said, patiently.

"No, don't touch me!" Stevie exclaimed, backing away from him and the others.


"No!" she was almost in tears. "You can't touch my blood. You can't touch my blood!"

"Stevie, this is no time to argue with me." Jed said, impatiently. "We need to bandage your head."

"No, you don't understand!" Stevie cried. "You can't touch my blood!"

Leo looked at her with a cold feeling rushing into his stomach, "Why Stevie?"

Stevie looked up at him with real fear. She looked over at Jed with the same cold terror blazoned across her face. The look made Jed freeze, "Stevie why can't I touch you?"


"Because why?" Jed pressed.

"Just let me do it, please." Stevie pleaded. "Please...."

"Why Stephanie?" Jed said with more force.

"Because I'm HIV positive!" Stevie sobbed, backing herself into a corner as the others in the office stared at her in disbelief.


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