Dear Mr. President 

by: Rhiannon 

disclaimer: I own Stevie... that's all.


After lunch, Jed met Abbey and Zoey in the residence. Abbey explained the circumstances to Zoey and the three sat together, ready to make a decision.

Jed looked at his youngest daughter, "Zoey?"

The redhead nodded, "Yes."


Abbey looked her husband in the eye, "Yes."

Jed sighed, "Okay then, we're agreed... Zoey, would you give your mom and me a minute?"

"Sure Dad." Zoey answered, leaving the room.

"Are you sure, Abigail?"

"Yeah... I'm sure." Abbey said, taking hold of his hand. "I'm sure."

Jed nodded, "You or me?"

"She's needs to hear this from you, Jed."

He nodded, "Okay, then... wish me luck."

She touched his cheek, "You won't need any luck."

Jed nodded. He rose from his wife's side and walked to the door. He took a moment and then opened the door and walked out quietly.


Dear, Mr. President - 17



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