Dear, Mr. President 

by: Rhiannon 

disclaimer: I barely own my computer, much less any of this...


Stephanie Blake sat in the kitchen of her foster parents, Mark and Lisa Tanner, working on her homework. She hated math and that was all her teacher's seemed to be able to assign her lately.

Lisa Tanner walked in and patted Stephanie on her head, "Still working on the math, Stevie?"

Stevie sighed, twirling her auburn hair, "I'll be working on it until dooms day."

Lisa smiled, "It's not that bad and besides, you'll need to someday."

Stevie looked up, "For what?"

Lisa paused for a moment and glanced over her foster daughter's math book, "I really don't know... Maybe to impress the President one day."

Stevie rolled her eyes, "In my dreams Lisa."

"You never know Stevie-you never know."

Just then Mark Tanner walked through the back door that lead to the kitchen. He held a letter in his hand, "Mail call, Miss Blake."

Stevie whirled around, "For me?!"

"Yes, indeed," Mark said, handing over the letter. "And it looks very presidential to me."

Stevie carefully opened the letter and began to read it out loud, "'Dear Miss Blake. It was a privilege to receive your letter. I am greatly honored that you are a supporter of my wife, my administration, and myself. You are quite right in your statement that orphaned and abandoned children are often forgotten in the race to take care of other priorities. As president, I want to change that. As my wife has often told me, children are the number one priority in this life. I ask that you travel to Washington and be my guest at the White House. In order that change things, I need the advice and the perspective of someone who has lived through this. My Chief of Staff, Mr. Leo McGarry will be in contact with you and will arrange all the details. Thank you for your letter and I look forward to meeting you in person. Sincerely-The President of the United States. Josiah Bartlet"

Stevie looked up at Mark and Lisa wide-eyed. Lisa smiled at the girl and smoothed back her hair, "See, it told you Stephanie... You never know."

Mark grinned at the young girl, "I guess you impressed President Bartlet..."

"I'm going to meet the President..." Stevie trailed off as the phone rang.

Lisa grabbed the phone as Mark and Stevie reread the letter. Lisa made a funny face and snapped her fingers at Mark and Stevie. The pair looked up as Lisa said, "Yes, just a moment please, I'll put her on..." Lisa put a hand over the receiver. "Stevie, there's a gentleman on the phone for you... Mr. Leo McGarry."

Stevie's eyes bulged as she took the phone from her foster mother, "Hello?... Yes, this is Stephanie Blake... I just got President Bartlet's letter today... Yes, sir... Okay sir... Me too... Thank you very much.... Bye."

Stevie hung up the phone and looked at Mark and Lisa, "That was President Bartlet's Chief of Staff. The President has sent me a first class plane ticket... I leave in two days... I'm going to Washington, DC to meet the President of the United States in two days!"


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