Dear, Mr. President 

by: Rhiannon 

Disclaimer: Stevie is mine, I have nothing else...

part 3

Stevie stood in the airport waiting to board her plane. Beside her, Lisa and Mark stood, waiting with her. Lisa brushed Stevie's long bangs out of her face, "Call us as soon as you get the chance. We want to make sure you're all right... And don't forget to take your medicine every day."

Mark rolled his eyes at his wife's nervousness, "She'll be fine Lisa... Now, Steph, a gentleman named Josh Lyman meet you at the gate in Washington. You have the phone number, just in case?"

Stevie nodded, "Yep, along with my identification card, my meds, and the phone card Lisa gave me."

A flight attendant walked up to the trio, "Excuse me, Miss Blake, we're ready to board you now."

Stevie nodded and turned to her foster parents, "This is it."

Lisa smiled, "Be careful and have a great time."

Mark hugged her, "Don't worry about anything. Have a good time."

Stevie hugged them both again before walking toward the doorway. She turned around and waved before disappearing from the Tanner's sight.


Josh Lyman stood in the airport waiting for Stevie's plane to touch down. He looked over at his assistant, Donna Moss, "What time is the plane suppost to be here?"

"11:30 Josh, it's the same time it was the last time you asked." Donna replied, sipping on a drink.

"What time is it now?"

"Five minutes later than the last time you asked me." Donna told him. "And no, the plane is not delayed."

"Why did Leo send me to do this? He could have sent CJ, Margaret, or just you. Why me?"

Donna glanced at him, "Because he loves you."


"And you're the Deputy Chief of Staff and Stephanie Blake is a guest of the President and you and I are the welcome committee."

"Some welcome committee... How old is this kid, anyway?"

"She's sixteen."

"And she's an orphan?"

"For the seventh time Josh, yes." Donna sighed.

"And why is she coming to meet the President?"

"Because she wrote him a letter. Did you pay any attention when Leo was explaining this to us?" Donna asked.

Josh glanced over at his blond assistant, "He lost me when he said, 'Josh, I have an errand for you and Donna.'"

Donna shook her head, "That's what I thought. Good thing one of us was paying attention."

"That's what I pay you for Donna." Josh replied. He glanced out the window, "Hey, that's got to be the kid's plane."


Stevie walked into the airport with the attendant and glanced around. Mr. Lyman was suppost to meet her there. She spun around when she heard a voice behind her.

"Stephanie Blake?"


"I'm Josh Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff." The man said, extending his hand to her. She shook it as he continued. "This is my assistant, Donna Moss."

"Pleased to meet you both." Stevie responded, shaking Donna's hand.

Donna smiled at the pretty young girl, "It's nice to meet you too Miss Blake."

Stevie blushed, "Call me Stephanie, or Steph, or Stevie."

"Which do you like?" Donna asked as they began to walk out of the airport.

"I go by Stevie at school. Mark calls me Stephanie or Steph." Stevie replied.

"Who's Mark?" Josh asked, walking them to the limo parked in the front of the airport.

"My foster dad." Stevie replied. "Um, this may sound stupid, but what about my suitcase?"

Josh looked down at her, "It's not stupid. You're suitcase was put in a special place on the plane. It should be in the limo by the time we're ready to drive off."

"Oh." Stevie paused. "You can do that?"

Josh smiled, "The President can do that,"


Dear, Mr. President - 4



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