Dear, Mr. President 

by: Rhiannon 

disclaimer: Stevie is mine, other than that...

part 4

Stevie stared out the open window as the limo pulled into the White House driveway. She couldn't really believe that she was actually in Washington, DC ... she was going to meet the President and First Lady.

Donna noticed the girl's daydream expression and smiled, "You ready for this?"

Stevie turned her hazel eyes on the pretty blonde, "Yes ma'am I am, but... I'm kinda nervous."

Josh leaned over, "You don't have to call her ma'am. It might give her a big head."

Donna gave him a look before turning her attention back to Stevie, "Don't worry, you're gonna have a great time. I know that the President and Mrs. Bartlet have lots of things for you to do and see... the whole west wing has really been excited."


"Really," Donna answered. "By the way, call me Donna."

"Okay Donna." Stevie turned back to the window as the limo stopped. The door was opened for her and she stepped out. She looked all around, surprised at the number of guards standing in the entrance way.

Josh walked around the car and gave Donna a glance. They were both amused at Stevie's reaction to seeing the White House. After a year or more of working in the House everyday, one tended to forget just how inspiring it really was. "Stevie, are you ready?"

Stevie nodded and followed Josh and Donna into the West Wing.


Once inside, Josh nodded to Donna, "Donna's going to take you up to the residence. The President has had a room prepared for you. I'll inform him that you're here. In the meantime, why don't you change your clothes and relax before you meet President Bartlet?"

Stevie nodded, "Thank you Mr. Lyman. I really appreciate you coming to get me."

Josh smiled at her, "You're welcome Miss Blake."

Donna put a hand on Stevie's back and began to walk her down the hallway, leaving Josh watching them.


Ten minutes later Stevie was standing in her room alone. She opened her suitcase and began to unpack. Examining her wardrobe, she contemplated what to wear when she met the President.

After five minutes she decided on her dark denim jeans, a crisp white blouse, and a pair of brown boots. She was brushing her hair when someone knocked on the door, "Come in, please."

A man in a dark suit opened the door slightly and filled up the doorway, "Miss Blake, the President is requesting that you come with me down to the Oval Office."

Stevie swallowed, "All right, thank you."

"You're welcome, Miss Blake."

The pair walked down to the West Wing. When they passed by Donna's desk, Stevie gave the woman a small wave. Donna replied with a sweet smile.

The pair entered the reception area of the Oval Office and the man addressed a woman sitting behind a desk, "Mrs. Landingham, the President requested Miss Blake."

The woman looked up and then looked Stevie up and down. Addressing the man she said, "Thank you, I'll let her in." Mrs. Landingham rose from behind her desk and walked around in front of Stevie, "Pleased to meet you, Miss Blake."

"Thank you... Mrs. Landingham." Stevie replied.

"I'm the President's secretary. If you need anything, let me know." Mrs. Landingham told her.

Stevie nodded, "Yes ma'am."

"Well, then." Mrs. Landingham said, walking toward the office door. "It's time to meet President Bartlet," she opened the door and walked in. "Mr. President?"

"Yes, Mrs. Landingham?" a voice floated out.

"Miss Stephanie Blake is here to see you."

"Send her in Mrs. Landingham."

Mrs. Landingham turned to Stevie, "Go on in."

Stevie nodded, "Thank you," she walked to the door and stepped in.


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