In the Beginning... 

by: Rhiannon 

disclaimer: Yeah, like I could actually dream up these characters... but I can play with them!!!!!

***This story is along the same storyline as my Jennifer stories...****


Twenty-one year old Jed Bartlet looked up to the sound of his front door opening. He grinned when his best friend walked through the door, "Leo, how did you know that I wasn't making out with some beautiful woman in here?"

Leo looked at his friend, "You just answered your own question."

Jed made a face, "What's up?"

"Are you coming tonight?"

Jed looked confused for a moment, "What's tonight?"

"I'm having a party, remember?" Leo sighed as he flopped down on the couch. "And you're supposed to come, remember? You're supposed to bring the drinks, remember?"

"Oh, I forgot."

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Leo muttered.

Jed raised an eyebrow, "You come into my home and insult me. And then you expect me to provide beverage refreshments for your party?"

"Yep, pretty much." Leo responded.

"Just checking," Jed shot back.

"Are you going to come? Or am I going to have to come over here and drag your butt to my apartment?" Leo prodded.

"Why the urgency?"

"What do you mean?" Leo asked, wide-eyed.

"What I mean is, you've asked me everyday for the last week if I am planning on coming..." Jed said, narrowing his eyes. "What's going on?"





"Oh, all right," Leo grumbled. "Jenny's bringing a friend with her to the party and-"

"No," Jed cut him off. "I am not going to go on a date with one of Jenny's friends. No way."



"Jed, listen to me." Leo raised his voice. "I've met her, okay? She's really pretty and incredibly smart... Come on, all you have to do is meet her and say hello."

"I don't have to do anything."

"Jed, please?"

Jed sighed, "Fine... okay. Fine... I'll be there."

"Great!" Leo exclaimed jumping out of his seat. "I'm outta here, I've got to finish getting my apartment cleaned up. See ya!"

"See ya." Jed replied as Leo walked out the door of his apartment. Jed sighed... Just great... Stuck having to entertain another one of Jenny's friends... just how he wanted to spend his Saturday night...



In The Beginning - 2



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