In the Beginning... 

by: Rhiannon 

*** I have nothing against blondes... My sister is a blond. For those of you who catch the slur, my apologies if it offends... For those who don't... that's okay...***


Jed Bartlet stood in his best friend's apartment as a party roared around him. He had several girls around him, but he was beginning to get bored. There was only so much he could talk to a bunch of blond coeds about.

He walked over to Leo, "I'm going to go Leo."

"Jed wait!" Leo exclaimed. "Jenny said she was on her way when she called."


"Come on, wait a few minutes." Leo looked up. "Never mind they're here."

Jed glanced over and saw Jenny's tall form immediately, "Where's her friend?"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the crowd parted and his heart dropped down around his ankles. A young woman with long, brown hair stood next to Jenny... She was drop dead gorgeous.

Jenny walked up to Leo with her friend trailing along beside her. Jenny shared an amused glance with Leo before introducing her friend, "Leo, you know Abbey."

"Good to see you again, Abbey." Leo said, extending his hand.

The woman named Abbey shook his hand with a smile, "Good to see you too, Leo."

Jenny looked over at Jed, "Abbey, this is Leo's best friend, Jed Bartlet... Jed, this is my friend, Abbey Mathews."

Jed stood motionless as he stared at Abbey. Abbey, in turn, choked back the bubbling nervous that threatened to spill out. She extended her hand, "Nice to meet you."

Jed stared at her hand for a long moment, as if he didn't know what he was supposed to do. Leo placed a well aimed elbow in his friend's side and Jed suddenly came alive. He gripped Abbey's hand very tightly, "Nice to meet you too."

Abbey winced at the grip, "Cool... um... would you let go of my hand?"

"Why?" Jed asked, continuing to keep her hand firmly in his grip.

"Cause you're cutting of the circulation." Abbey stated.

"Oh!" Jed immediately released her hand. "Sorry."

"That's okay," Abbey replied, rubbing her hand. "I didn't want to write anything for a while anyway."

The four stood in the middle of Leo's living room as the party carried on around them. Finally Jenny had had enough of the silence, "Jed, Abbey's going to be a doctor."

Jed raised his eyebrows, "Oh, really?"

"Yeah," Abbey nodded her head.

The awkward silence resumed, only to be broken by Leo, "Abbey, Jed's an economics major."

"That's nice." Abbey replied.

"Yeah," Jed said, trying to figure out something to say.

Once again, Leo bailed him out, "Jed's also into trivia..."

It was Abbey's turn to raise her eyebrows, "Really? What kind of trivia?"

Jed's eyes lit up at once, "Funny you should ask, did you know that the Dead Sea isn't a sea at all? It's a lake, with an exceptionally high salt level. What I find most interesting, is that in biblical times, people thought that the air above the Dead Sea was poisonous..."



In The Beginning - 4



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