In the Beginning... 

by: Rhiannon 


It was well after the party started to wind down that Leo and Jenny checked on Jed and Abbey. The pair was sitting on a couple of big pillows in the corner of the room. Jed was talking animatedly to Abbey... Abbey was... well... Abbey looked a lot less animated than the man sitting next to her.

Jenny turned to her boyfriend, "Abbey looks bored..."

"She doesn't look bored..."

"Then why does she look like she's searching the room for sharp objects?" Jenny asked, looking back at the pair across the room.

"They've been over there for a couple of hours."

"And he's done most of the talking..."

"I'm feeling kinda bad about leaving your friend over there with him without protection." Leo said.

"Me too."

"Think we should run interference?"

"Yeah." Jenny agreed.

"Let's go," Leo said.


Jenny and Leo started to walk across the room when suddenly Jed's voice suddenly boomed out from the corner, "No, it wasn't"

"Yes, it was," came Abbey's voice, just as loud.

"No, it wasn't!"

"Yes, it was!"

"I'm telling you, Abigail, that it wasn't!"

"And I'm telling you, Josiah, that it was!"

"What's going on here?" Leo asked, not really sure he wanted to know the answer.

"She's not listening to me I-" Jed began.

"I was trying to explain to him that-" Abbey interrupted.

"I was trying to tell her about-"

"And he won't even listen to my explanation-"

"She just keeps going on and on and-"

"He completely refuses to listen to my opinion at all I-"

"Okay," Leo interrupted them both. "Shut up!"

Both Jed and Abbey clamped their mouths shut. Leo sighed, "Now, Abbey ... what's going on?"

"Well, your friend here was going on about some inane bit of geography and he said something that I don't agree with." Abbey replied.

"What?" Jenny asked.

"He says that the Romans invented geography."

Leo and Jenny looked at each other. Leo turned back to Jed and Abbey, "Is that all?"

"What do you mean, is that all?" Jed exclaimed. "She practically called me an idiot!"

"I did not!" Abbey returned. "Stop exaggerating!"

"I'm not exaggerating!" Jed replied. "You called me-"

"I'm about to call you something if you don't shut up," Abbey warned.

"Okay, okay, okay..." Jenny interrupted. "Leo, get your geography book out and we'll settle this right now." Leo nodded and walked into his room. Jenny turned back to the simmering pair in front of her, "Abbey, who do you think invented geography?"

"The Greeks," was Abbey's short reply.

Jed snorted and promptly received a glare from Abbey.

After a moment, Leo returned into the room with a geography book in hand. He flipped through the pages, finally coming to a stop. He read the page quickly and then, with an almost regretful expression, glanced back up at the trio standing before him.

"Well?" Jed demanded.

Leo took a deep breath, "Um... it says here that..." he hated doing this. "That geography was invented by the..."

"Yes?" Abbey prompted.

"The Greeks."

"What?" Jed exclaimed. "Let me see that!" He jerked the book out of his friend's hand. He scanned down the page, "How the hell..."

"Because," Abbey explained. "The word geography is a word derived from the Greek- ge, which means the Earth, and graphe, which means to describe."

Jed stared at her, openmouthed.

"Most Greeks thought and spoke about geography without really knowing that's what they were talking about." Abbey went on. "In fact, Homer's epic, Odyssey, is viewed as one of the first geographic works in the Western culture because it describes the many recognizable places that Odysseus reached during his long voyage home from Troy."

Jed's eyes grew huge as he listened to Abbey.

Abbey looked straight at him, "Beat that with a stick, there Trivia Boy."

Leo and Jenny looked at each other and then back at the pair in front of them. Leo shook his head, "And that, I believe, settles that."



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