In the Beginning... 

by: Rhiannon 


Jenny knocked on the door to Abbey's apartment the next morning. She and Leo had talked it over and they had both decided to apologize to their respected friends for throwing them together the night before.

The locked turned and Jenny looked up and found Abbey's brown eyes staring at her, "Hi, Abbey... can I come in?"

Abbey stared at her for a moment. Finally she pursed her lips and walked away from the door, leaving it wide open. Jenny took that for a yes and walked into the apartment, closing the door behind her.

She watched as Abbey walked over to the window seat and sat down, facing the outside. Jenny sighed... this was not going to be easy, "Abbey... listen. I want to apologize for doing that to you last night. Leo and I... okay... I shouldn't have abandoned you with Jed all night long and I'm really sorry. I'll never play matchmaker again, I swear... I... uh, we... just thought that you and Jed would be so cute together... We're both really sorry."

Abbey nodded her head without facing her friend.

"Abbey... talk to me, please." Jenny begged, sitting down next to Abbey. "I get nervous when you get silent."

It was then that Jenny got a good look at the expression on Abbey's face. Jenny's eyes grew huge, "I don't believe it!"

Abbey turned to her sharply, "What?"

"You fell for him last night!" Jenny exclaimed.

"I did not!" Abbey protested.

"Yes, you did!" Jenny insisted. "You fell and you fell hard! And you know it too!"

Abbey pursed her lips and shook her head, "You're crazy."

"And you're in love!" Jenny shot right back.

It started as just a chink in Abbey's mask, but it grew until her face burst into a rueful smile.

Jenny giggled with glee, "I knew it! I knew it!"



In The Beginning - 6



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