Sooner or Later

by: Rhiannon

Abbey sighed as she stared at her textbook. She tried to make sense of the words in front of her. Finally she slumped over, allowing her head to hit her textbook with a soft thud...

It was no use. There was absolutely no way she was going to learn any of this crap.


'Like I didn't have enough problems.' Abbey thought. "Go away, Jed," she said out loud, without raising her head.

"Are you sleeping?"

"If I was, would I be answering you?"

"Are you sick?"


"What's wrong?"

"Go away Jed."

"Not until you tell me what's wrong."

Abbey groaned, "I can't figure out this damn... crap."

Jed lifted her head from the book and, moving the book away, set her head back down on the library table. He looked at the title of the book, "Latin? You're studying Latin?"

"I'm a med. student, Jed." Abbey responded. "It's kinda something I need to know."

"And you're having trouble with it?"

"No, Jed." Abbey replied, lifting her head from the table. "I'm having a wonderful time with it. In fact, I'm not having a single problem. That's why I'm sitting here with my head on the table like a moron."

Jed ignored her tirade, "Cause, you know, I happen to know a little bit of Latin-"

"Why doesn't that surprise me?" Abbey questioned, letting her head hit the top of the table once more.

"And I could probably help you." Jed finished.


"Do you want to pass or not?"

"Jed, I-"

Jed lifted her head off the table, "Do you want to pass this class?"


"Then let me help you." Jed responded. "You'll pass if I help you."

Abbey felt her stomach churning. She swallowed hard, "Okay... I guess so."

Jed grinned at her, "All right, let's get started."

Sooner Or Later - 5


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