Sooner or Later

by: Rhiannon

(Thanks to AJ for helping me get my Muse back...)

"So you see," Jed explained. "When you conjugate this verb to the present perfect of the past tense, the sentence makes sense. Its all in the conjugation of the verb... Present past, present perfect, future perfect. I think that if you understand that then we can-"

Abbey stared at him with growing irritation... however Jed didn't seem to notice. "How the hell can you understand any of this?" She snapped her book shut.

"What is it that's confusing you? The present perfect? The past tense? The..."

"All of it." Abbey replied.

Jed looked at her, "All of it?"

"That's what I said!" Abbey exclaimed. "All of it! As in, not a damn thing you just said to me made a damn bit of sense!"

"Were you even trying to comprehend what I'm saying?" Jed asked her.

"Of course I was trying!" Abbey exclaimed. "Do you think I would sit here and listen to you drone on for the last two hours if I wasn't trying?"

"Cause, if you had been, then this would make sense to you," he finished.

Abbey tilted her head the right. Pursing her lips, she picked up her Latin book, "You can take this book and shove it where the sun does not shine!" Taking aim, she threw the large book at Jed's head.

"Ouch! Damnit!" Jed exclaimed, rubbing the place of impact. He looked up to see Abbey charging through the library. "Damn that woman." He muttered, retrieving the fallen Latin book and hurried out the library doors after Abbey.

Sooner Or Later - 6


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