Step One

by: Rhiannon

Note: Okay, here's the sequel to Sooner or Later...

Spoiler: Jed and Abbey's first date


Jenny stared at her friend in concern, "Abbey?" She took a step closer to Abbey and placed a hand on her arm, "Abbey?"

Abbey jumped, "Huh?!"

"I've been calling your name for five minutes," Jenny informed her. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine." Abbey replied. "Never been better..."

"Sure you are," Jenny responded. "That's why you're standing in the middle of your bedroom looking like you're about to throw up."

Abbey whirled around and looked at her open closet door, "I just... I don't know what to wear."

Jenny plopped down on Abbey's bed, "Since when are you worried about your clothes?"

"Since I'm going on a date with Jed Bartlet," Abbey muttered. She turned to her friend in a huff, "I give up! I've looked at every single piece of clothing I own and I don't one damn thing... Help!"

Jenny smothered a smile as her friend landed as a heap next to her, "What time are you supposed to meet him there?"


Jenny glanced down at her watch and rolled her eyes, "Okay... three hours. We'll have you put together by then." Abbey just buried her head in her pillows as Jenny went for the closet. Jenny emerged minutes later, "Okay, come on, I've got the prefect outfit."

Abbey took one look at the ensemble in her friend's hand and immediately protested, "No, absolutely not!" Abbey continued to protest as Jenny pulled her from the bed and propelled her toward the bathroom, "Jenny, no. I don't- Jenny I can't wear this! Jenny, please..."

Jenny shook her head, "Shut up and get dressed." She replied, shutting the door on Abbey's protests. Suddenly, a thought occurred to her. She hurried over to Abbey's phone and dialed her boyfriend's phone number, "Leo? It's me... yeah, you know Jed and Abbey are going to dinner tonight, right?.... Yeah, I'm over at Abbey's... She's being crazy, you might want to run over to Jed's and check on him. I doubt he's doing much better... Oh, I don't know.... Isn't that like-.... Well... okay.... Cool... see you then. Bye." Jenny hung up the phone and turned when she heard the door open behind her.

Abbey stood awkwardly in the doorway of her bathroom, "Jenny?"

Jenny grinned at her, "Perfect... you look perfect." She sighed, "Damn I'm good."

Abbey rolled her eyes, "Then help me with my hair, oh brilliant one."

"Coming, coming." Jenny replied.

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