Step One

by: Rhiannon

Jed waited on the curb as Leo pulled up in his station wagon. Jed climbed into the front seat and glanced over to his friend, "Thanks for picking me up."

Leo spared his friend a glance before pulling back into traffic, "So..."


"You're wearing the same clothes you had on last night."

Jed nodded, "Yeah."

"Yeah..." Leo paused. "Anything you wanna tell me?"

Jed pretended to think it over for a long moment, "Well... now that you mention it..."

"Yes?" Leo prompted.

"Your girlfriend is at Abbey's apartment right now."

Leo groaned and rolled his eyes, "That's not what I meant Jed, and you know it! What I want to know is, why am I picking you up at Abbey's apartment at eleven thirty in the morning with you still in the clothes you wore yesterday and your car down at the restaurant where you were to have dinner with Abbey."

"Oh, that's what you want to know..."

"Yes, that's what I want to know." Leo responded, mimicking his friend.

"I was late," Jed explained. "And when I got there, Abbey was running to her car. I jumped in front of her and she hit me... sorta-"

"That was good."

"And she brought me back to her apartment because I hit my head and she said that I shouldn't be alone with a head injury. We came straight here and she made me put her robe on so my clothes could dry." Jed finished.

"And did anything happen?"

"Not anything that you are thinking of," Jed replied, rolling his eyes.

Leo glanced over at his friend, who had grown red-faced at his question, "But you made out didn't you?" Leo's answer was the beet red color of Jed's face. "That's what I thought... Does she still have her tonsils this morning?"

"Yes, she still has her tonsils this morning," Jed replied, mimicking his friend's tone of voice.

Leo pulled his car over next to Jed's, "Knowing you, I wouldn't be surprised if you had proposed to her..." he muttered. Leo reacted immediately when he saw Jed fight to keep from smiling, "You did, didn't you?! It was the first date! And you were late! And you proposed to her?!"

Jed didn't answer, instead he hopped out of the car and slammed the door with an impish grin.

"What did she say?" Leo called out through the open window.

Jed turned back to him, "She told me to go to sleep."

Leo rolled his eyes, "You're crazy, you know that?"

"For her, Leo." Jed answered. "I'm crazy for her."

"Well, she's nuts about you..."

Jed smiled, "I know... I know."




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