Step One

by: Rhiannon

At eight o'clock, Jenny and Leo sat in the restaurant watching Abbey from across the room. Jenny gave her boyfriend an acid glance, "It's eight o'clock Leo."

"I know what time it is Jenny," Leo responded.

"Where is he Leo?"

"How should I know? It's not my day to watch him!" Leo shot back. He took note of the look on Jenny's face and sighed, "Jenny... I left him at his apartment right after I reminded him to put his pants on. The last time I saw him he was coming down off a caffeine induced high. I haven't seen him since."

Jenny shook her head, "She's so upset Leo."

Leo nodded, "Yeah..." He groaned when he saw the movement taking place across the room, "Jenny..."

Jenny glanced back over at Abbey, "She's leaving..."


Abbey hurried out of the restaurant, not paying attention to anything around her. She groaned when she saw the rain falling from the night sky, "Wonderful... fits this night so well."

Taking a deep breath, Abbey ran out into the parking lot towards her car. She fumbled with the keys and finally managed to unlock the door. Wet and upset, she climbed into her car and sat still for a moment.

She leaned her head against the steering wheel... It was so typical. Just when she thought that maybe... just maybe there would be someone who...

Abbey shook her head and started the car, impatiently wiping away tears. She jammed her foot on the gas pedal and jerked out of the parking space.

She almost didn't see the flash in her windshield. She slammed on the brake and jumped out of her car.

There, trying to pick himself up off the ground, was Jed.

Abbey stared at him as the rain poured down.

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