Step One

by: Rhiannon

Abbey looked at him from her place on the floor, "Why were you late?"

Jed looked down at his hands, "I uh..."

"Yes?" Abbey prompted.

"I got tied up," Jed stammered out.

"You got tied up?" Abbey looked at him in doubt.

Jed sighed, "I got... high on caffeine..."

"High on caffeine?"

"I almost walked out of the house without pants on," Jed blurted out.

Abbey raised an eyebrow, "Well, that would have been interesting... to say the least."

"Yeah... and I didn't want to embarrass myself around you any more than necessar-" Jed cut himself off at the double meaning his sentence presented.

Abbey couldn't resist the opening, "What was that?"

"Nothing, nothing at all." Jed coughed.

"No, you said something." Abbey retorted. "I didn't quite catch it all. Would you repeat it, please?"

"I'd rather cut out my heart with a dull spoon," Jed muttered.


"Nothing!" Jed exclaimed. "So, how bad is the bump on my head?"

Abbey shook her head, but let him change the subject anyway, "You're head is going to be just fine, you big baby."

"You better be right... or I'll... I'll..."

"You'll what?"

"I don't know what I'll do, but..."

"But what?"

"But I'm finding you so beautiful at this moment in time."

Abbey blushed and looked down at her hands, "Thank you." She kept her gaze on the carpet, "You're not so bad yourself."


Abbey lifted her eyes to his, "I said, you're not so bad yourself."

Jed smiled at her, "Well, thank you very much."

Abbey smiled back at him, "You're welcome very much."

Jed brought a hand to her face, "I'm really wanting to kiss you at this moment in time..."




Jed leaned down off the couch and touched her lips with his very gently. Abbey returned his kiss with one of her own. She reached up and grasped his face with one hand. Jed reached down and held her face close to his, as the kiss gained in intensity.

At that moment, Jed shifted his body and lost his balance. Without warning, he was falling off the couch and was sprawled over Abbey.

Step One - 7



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