Step One

by: Rhiannon

Abbey woke the next morning as the sunlight bathed her bedroom. She rubbed her head, not remembering how she arrived in her bed the night before. The last thing she remembered was making out with Jed on the window seat...

Tugging on her robe, she shuffled out of her bedroom and down the short hallway into her living room. She stopped short when she looked at her couch. There, sleeping soundly, was Jed.

Abbey tilted her head, examining him closely. He was wrapped up in her purple robe and looked like he was shivering in his sleep. Shaking her head, she walked back to her bedroom and retrieved a large, warm blanket from the closet. She removed her robe and froze.

Jed was sleeping in his boxer shorts... and only his boxer shorts. Abbey felt a thrill rush through her body. Swallowing hard, she covered him gently and kissed his forehead. She smiled when he snuggled deeper into the blanket.

Abbey walked into her kitchen, contemplating whether or not she really wanted to be up or not. She stood, leaning up against the cabinet, for ten minutes before she made up her mind.

Grabbing a textbook, Abbey walked back into the living room and sat down in front of the couch. Leaning back against it, she opened her book and began to read.

It wasn't long before she felt the tug of someone playing with her hair. Smiling, she closed her book and turned around, "Hey."


"You're awake..."

"So are you," Jed replied. "What are you doing?"

Lifting up her book she said, "Studying."

"You look like you're still sleepy."

"I am still sleepy," Abbey responded. "To tell you the truth," She leaned closer to him, "I've been reading for the last fifteen minutes and I don't have a clue as to what I've read."

Jed smiled at her. He reached down and grabbed her by the shoulder. Abbey complied when he motioned for her to rise up from the ground. He pulled her to him, "Come here."

Abbey looked at him for a split second before shrugging off her robe and crawling under the blanket with him. She shifted her body as she curled up on top of him, wrapping her arms around him.

Jed kissed her forehead as he felt her snuggle into him, "Abbey?"

"Hmm?" she responded, sleepiness taking over.

"Will you marry me?"



"Go to sleep."


Step One - 9



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