Step One

by: Rhiannon

(Thanks, Sunshine...)

Jenny walked down the hall to Abbey's apartment. She stood in front of Abbey's door for a few minutes, contemplating whether or not to knock. She felt horrible that she and Leo hadn't chased after Abbey the night before, but then she would have known that they had been spying on her... and no good would have come from that revelation.

Jenny let out a sigh and knocked on the door, "Abbey?" She waited a moment or two before knocking again, "Abbey?"

Half a second later, the door opened and Jenny's mouth dropped to the floor, "Jed..."

"Hi Jenny," Jed replied, moving out of the doorway so she could enter. "How are you?"

Jenny just stared at him as she moved into Abbey's apartment without a sound.

Jed looked at her for a moment, "You okay there, Jenny?" When she nodded, he looked at her in doubt, "Cause you look like you've seen a ghost."

"Jed?" Jenny moved her eyes to the floor. "What are you doing answering Abbey's door in your boxers at this time in the morning?"

"I... uh..." Jed blushed. "Um..."

"You're clothes are dry, Jed. You can go put them on now." Abbey smiled and watched Jed fly out of the room. "Hello Jenny."

"Abbey." Jenny acknowledged. "What the hell is he doing here?"

"He... uh... his clothes were soaking wet, and he bumped his head."

"How'd his clothes get wet? And how'd he bump his head?"

"Well,... last night, I sort of ran him over..."

"You ran him over?" Jenny interrupted.

"Yeah, he-"

"How did you run him over?"

"He jumped in front of my car when I pulled out of the parking lot at the restaurant last night." Abbey said hurriedly. "He bumped his head on the ground and we both got soaking wet. I brought him back here last night."

"He slept here last night?"

"Yes," Abbey admitted. "And get that look off your face-"

Jed walked back into the living room at that moment, "Abbey?"

Abbey turned to face him, "What?"

"I hung your robe up in your closet," Jed responded, walking to her. "I'm going to go... I need to get my car out of that parking lot."

"Did you-"

"Yeah," Jed replied, answering her question before she asked it. "Leo's going to meet me out front in five minutes."


"Okay." Jed replied, leaning in for a kiss.

"Did I miss something here?" Jenny asked.

"I'm leaving now," Jed grinned at Abbey as he fled, thankful he didn't have to explain the situation to Jenny.

Abbey shot him a look as he fled out of her apartment. She shut the door behind him and turned to face her friend with a sigh, "Jenny..."

"What did I miss?" Jenny demanded, arms crossed in front of her.

"It's kinda a long story..."

"I've got all day." Jenny replied, taking a seat on the couch. "Did you two..."

"No!" Abbey exclaimed. "We did not!"

"Okay, just checking." Jenny said. "What did happen?"

"We kissed."


"A lot."


"And that's all..."

"Okay," Jenny replied, shaking her head.

"Well, except this one thing..." Abbey trailed off. *** Jed stood outside Abbey's door for a moment.

"He asked you to what?!"

Jed grinned and walked down the hallway.

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