by: Rhiannon

disclaimer: Stevie and Mark Tanner belong to yours truly... all others belong to people with much more talent and money that me...

(This is another Stevie story... remember her? For those of you who don't please be my guest and refresh your memory... Rhiannon's West Wing Look for the story entitled, Dear Mr. President...)

***Just to let all of you know, I never would have gotten around to writing another Stevie story if AJ hadn't prodded me into it...***

CJ Cregg stared at Danny Concannon in disbelief. She couldn't believe what he had just told her, "You're kidding me..."

Danny shook his head, "No, I wish I were... It made me mad, that's why I brought it to you... It's crappy ethics and I don't think it's news."

CJ nodded, "Okay... and thanks."

"You're welcome," Danny replied as they walked out of CJ's office. "So, you busy Friday night?"



"Are you ever going to give up?"




CJ turned to him, "Go away, now."

"Okay," Danny replied, walking back to the press room.

CJ shook her head and walked towards the Oval Office. She looked over to Mrs. Landingham, "Is he busy?"

"No," Mrs. Landingham replied. "Go on in."

"Thank you," CJ replied. She walked into the Oval Office, "Mr. President?"

"Ah, CJ, what can I do for you?" Jed asked.

CJ took a deep breath, "There's going to be a thing, Mr. President."

Jed halted what he was doing and looked up at his Press Secretary, "About what?"



"Yeah... about that." CJ nodded.

"How'd you find out?"


"Can we stop it?"

"No, sir."

Jed took a breath, "Has-"

"Yeah, he tried." CJ shook her head. "But it didn't do any good."

"Okay," Jed said quietly.

"What do you want me to do?"

"Keep a lid on it for now," Jed responded. "Don't answer anything about it for now. I'm going to talk to my wife... and to Stevie about it."

"Yes, sir." CJ responded, heading towards the door.

"And CJ?"

"Yes, sir?" CJ replied, turning to Jed.

"Thank Danny for me, will you?"

CJ nodded, "I will sir."

Jed nodded silently as CJ walked out the door.

Torn - 2


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