by: Rhiannon

Zoey and Stevie woke late the next morning. It was well after noon when they finally emerged from Zoey's dorm room and were on there way to the White House with Gina walking along side of them.

"So?" Zoey prodded.

"So, what?"

"So... are you going to talk to Mom and Dad about getting your drivers' license?"

"Zoey... I don't know." Stevie sighed. "I want to... But I just know that they're going to say no."

"Ask Mom first," Zoey instructed. "Then, when you have her on your side, go to Dad. If she's for it then he'll go for it."

"How do you know?"

"Cause he always does." Zoey replied.

It was then that two men jumped out in front of them.

"Miss Bartlet, how do you feel about having an HIV positive girl for your sister?"

"Stevie, are you concerned that by adopting you, the President may open himself up to criticism?"

Gina immediately stepped in front of them, "Hey! This is a college campus, you're not to be here."

The two men ignored her, "Stevie, is there any chance that you could pass the HIV virus on to the President and the First Lady?"

"Don't you think it odd that the President and First Lady would announce their plans to adopt a girl they just met? Is there something going on here that everybody else isn't aware of?"

Gina took both girls by the arms and quickly led them away from the two reporters as several other Secret Service agents appeared. She loaded them into a car with amazing speed and didn't let up until the car had pulled out and away from the college.

Stevie looked up, "Zoey?"

Zoey shook her head, "Forget it, Stevie. They're both a couple of jerks, don't worry about it."

"But, I-"

"Stevie... forget about it. I mean it." Zoey said quickly. "It's nothing."

Stevie didn't respond as she gazed out the window as the car carried them to the White House.

Torn - 4


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