by: Rhiannon

"How big is this thing, Leo?" Jed asked his Chief of Staff.

Leo took a deep breath, "Real big, sir. It's broken in the major newspapers and CJ fielded about sixty questions about Stevie's HIV status this morning at the gaggle."

"What did she say?"

Leo opened his mouth to respond, but was interrupted when the doors to the Oval Office flew open. CJ entered the room with no pretense, "Mr. President, we've got a situation."

"What kind of situation?" Jed asked.

"One that I'm going to ask you to not blow your top about, but you will anyway," CJ responded.


"Zoey and Stevie were ambushed at Georgetown early this afternoon." CJ said, waiting for the explosion that was sure to follow.

"Excuse me?" Jed asked.

"They were on their way out of the dorms and a couple of reporters ambushed them with questions." CJ expounded.

"What questions?" Leo asked.

"If Stevie's worried that the President it going to be criticized for adopting an HIV positive teenager... If there was something... not right... with the whole situation, what with the President and First Lady deciding to adopt Stevie after knowing her just a couple of days..." CJ trailed off.

"What else?" Jed growled.

CJ grimaced... she really didn't want to tell him this.

"CJ." Jed said raised his voice.

"If there was any chance that Stevie could infect you and the First Lady with the HIV virus..."

Jed sat back in his chair, completely stunned that Stevie and Zoey had been subjected to that line of questioning. He looked over at Leo, "Get the staff in here... We've got to put out this fire, once and for all."

Torn - 5


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