Warning: Spoilers for Take this Sabbath Day - and for anyone who doesn't remember that ep, that's the one about the President deciding whether or not to pardon a convicted murderer (Simon Cruz).

Demons: Part Two

By Red

Disclaimer: Located in Part One

Author's Note: Warning! There is a lot of violence in this story. Don't read it if you don't like that kind of thing. Also, mild language.

Unknown Location Monday, 8:53 AM

Squeezing his eyes shut tight against the hash light that invaded his blissful oblivion, Sam whimpered against the sudden shooting pain in his head and curled his body into a ball. The scrape and jingling of metal registered to his ears and he gave into his curiosity by cracking his eyes open into small slits to look around.

The sight of handcuffs around his wrists sent his eyes flying open, allowing the bright light to assault his vision and send waves of pain crashing through his skull. "Dammit," he croaked in response. When the pain faded to a steady ache again, he ventured to open his eyes - slower this time - again and peer down at his feet as well. His stomach flipped when he saw them likewise bound.

"Crap. This is just pure crap," he muttered sluggishly against the dryness in his mouth and throat. Examining his surroundings warily, he felt little encouragement when he discovered that he was basically bound hand and foot on the cold cement floor of some ramshackle house's dirty basement.

Trying to ignore his protesting muscles, Sam carefully tried to shift positions until he could gain some leverage to sit up. His movements were halted suddenly though when the basement door opened and the jogger from before entered.

"That was some sedative I gave you. I bet it hurts like a real bitch right now to do much of anything right?" He obviously wasn't interested in an answer as he continued towards his prisoner. "Well that's the least of your worries so don't dwell on it for long." He came to a stop standing directly over Sam's prone body.

Sam slowly turned his head until he could look up at his captor. "Who the hell are you?" he croaked. "And what in God's name do you think you're doing kidnapping me?"

The large man chuckled mirthlessly and shook his head, though Sam could only make out a blurred silhouette the way he was standing in the light.

"You don't remember me?" he asked, real surprise in his voice. "I'm sure you've seen pictures of me. It's your job to research things for the President, is it not?"

"That's part of my job, yes," Sam answered reluctantly. "But I'm afraid I can't see much of anything right now, so no, I don't recognize you."

The captor squatted down and leaned forward, so that his face was a mere six inches from Sam's. "Remember me now?" he asked, his voice a hiss.

As Seaborn gazed at his scowling face, he felt a shiver travel down his spine. "You're… um… Simon Cruz's… brother."

Mathew Cruz nodded sharply. "Glad you do remember. Saves us the trouble of lengthy introductions."

"You still haven't answered my question," Sam persisted stubbornly as Mathew stood and walked out of his sight. "Why am I here?" He heard something being moved around behind him and he told himself that it wasn't anything bad. He had to keep his spirits up. He had to get out of this.

Cruz reappeared beside him with a wooden baseball bat in his hand. Sam swallowed hard and avoided looking at the weapon. "Your President played God when he refused to pardon my brother. Now I'm going to teach him how it feels to be on the other end of the rope."

Blinking his eyes rapidly, Sam shook his head and regretted doing so immediately when the shooting pain revisited him. "You should know that it's White House policy to not negotiate -"

"Who said anything about negotiating?" Mathew demanded with a low, dark laugh. "I never mentioned wanting money. I don’t plan on bargaining with Bartlet. I haven't kidnapped you Mr. Seaborn and no one will be receiving a ransom note. I'm simply going to kill you."

The White House - The Residence Monday, 11: 56 AM

"You know what I hate most about being sick?" Jed Bartlet commented darkly to his friend as Leo entered his bedroom. At the other man's raised eyebrow, he continued. "Not only does everyone avoid you like the plague," he paused to send a glare in Charlie's direction, "but they also treat you like you're dying. I have the flu. Now tell me again why I can't go to the Oval Office?"

Leo sighed and began to regret coming to visit the patient. "Well Mr. President, you said it yourself: no one wants to be around you with the possibility of catching whatever you've got. I think we'd have mutiny on our hands if I let you go down there sir."

Frowning to himself and shaking his head, Jed resigned himself to the boredom he would be feeling for the next couple of days. "Well at least tell me if anything interesting has been going on. I'm sure some of it will be entertaining to listen to."

Leo thought about it for a moment. "Well, Sam's been screwing up all week, right?" He continued as the President nodded. "He didn't come in today and he can't be reached at home. Well he just happens to have some *very* important reports with him that we need *pronto*, so I sent Toby and Josh to go to his apartment and get them. I think it's reasonable, knowing Toby as I do, to expect them to come back bringing a bedraggled Sam on a leash behind them."

Jed shook his head. "Wish I could be down there to see *that*." He paused for a moment. "Leo? Did you know that the term 'chicken out' was coined when -"

Hurriedly, the Chief of Staff backed up towards the door. "Duty calls Mr. President, I should go back down there and make sure chaos hasn't erupted without our supervision." With that he was gone, leaving the President to blink in confusion towards the space his friend used to occupy. He turned to Charlie who shrugged and shook his head.

"You do it to yourself, sir," the young man informed him.

Sam's Apartment Monday, the Same Time

Josh knocked for the third time and stepped back, patiently waiting for his friend to answer the door. After a minute passed and the door remained closed, he turned to Toby. "It looks like he knew that *you* would be out here with me so he's avoiding us."

The older man was not amused and it clearly showed in his expression. Fed up, Toby stepped up to the door and began pounding on it with his fist. "Open up Seaborn! There's no use hiding!" he yelled.

Josh chuckled quietly and shook his head. Sam was *so* in for it when they finally found him.

"Can I help you?" asked a soft, but hard voice behind them. The White House staffers turned to find themselves confronted with a scowling old woman. They didn't immediately reply and the woman's frown deepened. "Are you going to tell me *why* you're pounding on Mr. Seaborn's door and disturbing everyone else on this floor?"

"Ma'am, we're friends of Sam's, and it's imperative that we speak with him and get something that we need…"

Arching an eyebrow, the woman shook her head. "I don't think so. Sweet, young Sam would never associate with such ruffians. Now unless you come clean with why you're harassing one of my favorite tenants, I'm going to ask you to leave."

Toby sputtered in disbelief at her attitude and the adjectives she chose to associate with his underling. Josh recognized the signs of trouble radiating from the other man and quickly stepped forward, taking control of the situation. He was sure Toby would have no qualms about yelling at the protective super.

"Actually Mrs.-" he paused until she supplied him with a name, "Callaway, I *am* a friend of Sam's. My name is Josh. That grouch over there is actually Sam's boss, Toby. We work for the President, as I'm sure you know if you know Sam, and we need some important documents from him but can't seem to locate him."

Mrs. Callaway stared at them for a dubious minute and then gave in. "Sam did mention once that his boss could be an ass, and was named Toby," she finally replied, her tones clipped. Josh could do little to keep himself from laughing. "But I haven't seen the boy since he left to go jogging this morning as usual. My window faces out front and I like to watch the sunrise. The sun came but Sam didn't."

Toby and Josh looked at each other and sighed. "Thanks for your time Mrs. Callaway." With that the two men left the building and headed for Toby's car. "You know, as much as you're angry with him right now, you *do* have to admit that this simply isn't Sam's style," Josh commented as he slid into the passenger seat.

Grunting, Toby snapped on his seat belt and started the car. "Regardless, he's going to get the reaming of his life when I catch up with him." He pulled away from the curb and merged into traffic. "And there's no telling what Leo has in store for him after that."

END Part Two.

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