Demons: Part Two

By Red

Disclaimer: In Part One

Warning: Rated R for violence and some language. Turn back now, yea of squeamish stomachs. Oh, and in this part especially, it's important to pay attention to the time.

The White House - Communications Bullpen Monday, 1: 15 PM

"I can't believe we're going into this meeting blind. We have to try and convince four Congressmen to change their votes and we don't even have any of our arguments on why they should." Toby pinched the bridge of his nose wearily as they walked swiftly through the halls.

Leo rolled his eyes and glanced back and forth between Josh and Toby. "Tell me again why we have no arguments."

"Sam was taking care of it," Josh answered.

"Sam," Leo repeated.

Toby nodded.

Turning the corner, they all entered Leo's office. "Have I mentioned lately what I'm going to do to him when he gets back?" the Chief of Staff asked, taking his seat behind his desk as the other two men sat in front of it.

"Not in the last ten minutes, no." Toby was glaring once again, and for once Josh couldn't fault him for it. They were in big trouble.

"Really?" Leo asked. "That long?"

Josh shrugged and leaned back in his chair. "Yep. But I wouldn't worry - Toby's pretty much got you covered there. His last comment was about three minutes ago."

The phone on Leo's desk buzzed and when he answered it, he was a bit shocked at the shaky note in Margaret's voice. "Sam's on the phone, Leo. Answer it quickly."

Restraining himself from making any remarks, Leo quickly picked up the phone. "Hello? Sam, where are you? Do you realize what kind of trouble we're in because of you?"

Unknown Location Monday, 12: 54 PM

Groaning, Sam rolled onto his back, taking short, shallow breaths and thanking God that Cruz had finally left. He rested his arms the best he could against his chest, his ribs throbbing at the contact but feeling better than they had before. The larger man's attack hadn't been focused on killing him - only "giving him something to think about" to quote Cruz.

He was sure at least a few ribs were broken. "I swear… from now on… all my exercising… will be done in the gym," he wheezed painfully. It hurt almost unbearably to talk, but he needed to hear his own voice to convince himself he was alive. But then, he doubted he would feel this much pain if he were dead.

From upstairs he could hear his captor walking around through several rooms. And then there was the sound of a door opening and closing and then silence. 'Oh God… he left. He's gone' he thought to himself wildly.

His pain-filled blue gaze swept across the room, searching for a way out. Skipping quickly over the place where Cruz had propped up the bat he had pummeled him with, he peered into every shadowy corner, but with no luck.

"Ok… so the door's… the only way… out." No problem with that. He hadn't heard a car drive away, but he needed to take the chance to let someone know he was here.

As he rolled back onto his side and slowly levered himself into a sitting position, he couldn't help but whimper in between ragged breaths. 'I'm gonna kill him. I'm gonna hurt him so bad…'

Clenching his teeth against the pain he felt, he shifted to his knees so that he could at least crawl. He didn't trust himself to try and stand. Too slowly, he made his way carefully to the stairs leading up to the door - his freedom.

"Please God… please," he murmured, tears springing to his eyes as he lay his chest down on the first steps and began to slither his way up. His prayers and exclamations continued as he progressed and he had to fight from blacking out twice by the time he reached the door. "Thank you," he whispered hoarsely.

By some miracle he was able to raise his arms enough to turn the door without losing consciousness, and he thanked God that the door was unlocked and that Cruz hadn't handcuffed his hands behind his back.

He emerged into the first floor of the house, and blinked his eyes against the darkness of the rooms, as opposed to the bright florescent lights of the basement. Crawling laboriously down the hall, he found himself entering a kitchen of sorts, only there was no indication that the room was used as such. There was no food to be seen and no dishes. Sam had the feeling that Cruz didn't live here and was only using the house to stash him.

'I can think of at least ten different people that would've been better to take than me' he thought morosely as he looked around the room. 'He sure didn't do his homework, taking the White House punching bag instead of someone more important. They can easily replace me.'

In a corner of his mind, a small voice told him that what he was thinking wasn't true. His co-workers were his friends. But he dismissed the voice out-right, not in the mood for an attack of his conscience.

Slide-crawling further into the kitchen, he found the jackpot lying discarded on the kitchen table. With a triumphant smile on his bruised face, he quickly made his ungainly way to the table and snagged the small cell phone off the table top with his teeth. It dropped into his hands and with a relief that filled his heart he began dialing, tears actually starting to fall when he heard Margaret's familiar voice.

The White House - Leo's Office Monday, 1:16 PM

"Sam?" Leo asked again when his questions were met with silence. He frowned over at the other two men who were sitting forward in their chairs curiously. Helpfully, Leo transferred the call to the speakerphone.

He was about to ask Margaret if this was her idea of a joke when a hoarse voice filled the suddenly silent room. "Leo… thank God… I… I need help." The voice on the other end could hardly be recognized as Sam's, for all the rough panting and talking through clenched teeth. But it was him.

He threw a look at Josh and watched his subordinate fly out of the room in search of Mrs. Landingham to summon the President. "Sam," he began, "What are you talking about? Where are you?"

There was another long pause, filling the office with a tense silence. Their anger now forgotten, Toby and Leo felt nothing but concern and confusion. "I… I don't know. He…" they heard Sam choke on his words. "He took me some place… Leo… I can't get out… not like this. I don't… know where I am. He said… he said he was gonna kill me Leo…"

The Chief of Staff couldn't reply before two Secret Service agents burst into the room. "The Oval Office," one of them informed them crisply. "We're transforming the call there."

"Leo?" asked Sam, his voice confused, fright evident in its tones.

Toby and Leo were ushered out of the room then and they quickly entered the Oval Office to find a bedraggled-looking President talking with a stern agent and an anxious Josh.

Just as the two men joined the others at the President's desk, another agent poked his head into the room. "The call's transferred and we're trying to trace the signal of the cellular phone he's using. You can pick it up now, sir."

Jed hit the speaker button on his phone and took a deep breath. "You still with us Sam?"

There was a moment when all they could hear was his breathing before Sam replied. "Sir?" To Leo, his voice sounded weaker than it did before.

Ron Butterfield wrote on a notepad and pushed it towards the President to read. "Sam, you said someone was going to... kill... you. Can you tell us who?" He tried to remain calm and keep the worry out of his voice, but all he could think about was that one of his Senior Staff was in trouble.

"Cruz. Mathew… Cruz. Simon Cruz's… brother."

Jed, Leo, and Toby all froze, staring at each other with wide eyes. Sam's missing reports were the least of their troubles now.

END Part Three.


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