Ok, this part is a little rough because I don't write this kind of stuff well.

Demons: Part Eight

By Red

Disclaimer: Located in parts one and six

Author's Note: Here be violence. You've been warned. Don't like it - don't read it.

The White House - CJ's Office Friday, 11:48 AM

Watching anxiously as CJ said goodbye and ended the call, Josh swore he was about to explode if the unbearable tension in his heart didn't ease soon. There was one thing that could calm him down and he searched CJ's eyes for it frantically.

"Well?" he asked when the silence stretched too long. He shifted from foot to foot in front of her desk nervously.

She sighed and leaned back in her chair, finally looking up at him. "Toby says he's still in surgery. That scum did quite a number on him and there's been some… complications." Her voice was soft and he could detect the worry in it.

Running a hand through his hair, Josh smiled. "But he'll be ok, right?" He knew he sounded like a little kid, but he was desperate from some reassurance.

"They don't know. His… Josh, his condition was pretty bad when they brought him in." She lowered her head, avoiding his gaze.

Suddenly very angry, Josh began to pace, his arms folded tightly against his chest. "They don't know?" he parroted incredulously. "They're the damn experts and THEY DON'T KNOW?" He was furious now, his voice rising to an angry bellow.

"Josh please," CJ soothed. She stood and rounded her desk, coming to his side and grabbing his shoulder, effectively stopping him in his tracks. "I've already talked to Leo. He says that I can go to the hospital to check things out and get more information for the upcoming briefing. Would you like to come?" She knew the answer but she felt she had to ask regardless.

Josh nodded his head jerkily and rushed out of her office to his, searching for his discarded suit jacket. He was about ready to tear his office apart looking for it when he heard a soft cough from behind him. Turning, he found Donna standing in his doorway, jacket in hand.

"Going to visit Sam?" she asked quietly as she handed him the jacket. Their conversations had been strained since she had found out about Sam and had accused him of lying in her shock. Josh could only hope that things would be repaired now that Sam was back in their hands.

Nodding, he shrugged into his jacket. "He's not out of surgery yet but CJ wants to talk to his doctors to get more detailed updates then we've been getting from Toby. I'll be going with her."

Donna smiled shakily. "I knew you would. And look, I know how worried you've been about him and as much as we all kind of think of Sam as the kid here, he can take care of himself. He's strong and he'll hold on. Besides, he knows if he didn't Leo would come after him for breaking Mallory's heart."

Josh smiled and laughed a little. What would he do without her? "Thanks Donna. Oh, and would you mind calling Mal? I don't think anyone has yet." He smiled wider when she nodded and then left his office, heading over to CJ's to pick her up and go.

The Hospital - ICU Friday, 12:02 PM

Entering the ward where Sam was listed as being in critical condition, Josh and CJ had to stop and pinch themselves to make sure they weren't caught in some bizarre dream. Shaking her head at Josh, CJ stepped into the room.

Lying on the hospital bed were not one, but two men. Still in partial shock, CJ cleared her throat softly and was rewarded with Toby waking up and becoming aware of their presence.

The gruff Communications Director smiled somewhat sheepishly - an utterly foreign expression on his face - and shrugged a little, careful not to disturb the other man. "It's a long story," he murmured. He lay on his back, propped up half way against the wall and pillows. Sam lay comfortably nestled against him, using his chest and shoulder as a pillow, his lean body stretched out between Toby's legs.

"Well Sam's still asleep, so why don't you explain it to us," Josh spoke up, a trace of annoyance in his voice. He didn't like being so confused. He was tired of being shocked and having his world turned upside down every ten minutes.

Toby sighed and shook his head, gazing down at the dark hair right beneath his chin. "Cruz nearly broke him," he whispered, his sorrow obvious. "I don't know if it's from the drugs he was given or just the entire experience, but he feels threatened if anyone approaches him, and he freaks out if I leave his side. I have no clue why." He looked up at them and smirked. "Of all the people for him to latch onto, and it had to be me. Go figure. But when he came out of surgery and the weak sedatives they gave him wore off, he wouldn't calm down and rest until I hopped into bed with him. He likes to be held."

CJ stared in awe at the scene before her, shaking her head in disbelief. Never in a million years would she have imagined seeing Toby and Sam in this kind of position. Never. "I never thought I'd see the day when the great Toby Ziegler was reduced to a giant teddy bear." She couldn't help but snicker when Toby shot her a dark look.

The door opened behind them and a young brunette woman entered. She flashed a warm smile to all of them and came to stand at the foot of Sam's bed. "It's nice to see Mr. Seaborn has so many friends to come check on him."

"How is he?" Josh asked impatiently. He winced when the doctor's face fell slightly.

The woman who's tag read, "Amanda Woods, MD" sighed and flipped open the metal chart she carried. "I know you guys need as much information as I can give you for the briefings you mentioned on the phone, so I'll try to be straight forward." She paused, sweeping her gaze over them all. "Mr. Seaborn went through quite a lot. He suffers from two broken ribs, internal bleeding, a stab wound in his thigh and abdomen both of which have become infected, a long gash along his cheek and jaw, three broken toes and the residual affects of the drugs that were pumped in him."

"Oh God…" CJ murmured, feeling weak at the knees. She had had no idea that it was so bad. Sam looked so peaceful sleeping with Toby that it didn't seem possible he could be that bad off.

Dr. Woods shook her head sadly. "Our main concerns are the stab wounds, internal bleeding, and the drugs. His ribs will be very sore but will heal, as will his foot. His internal bleeding was very tricky and could come back anytime if we're not very careful, which is why I'm allowing Mr. Ziegler in his bed - we need to keep him relaxed and calm. If he moves around too much, he might trigger something. He's lost too much blood already to risk anything further." She sent a pointed look at Toby, warning him without words to keep Sam still. "The stab wounds, especially the one in his thigh, were very jagged, which might be cause for physical therapy later on. And because of his concussion and the unknown drugs still in his system, we can't treat him with antibiotics or painkillers. We'll need to keep a sharp eye on his fever."

Josh began pacing, his face as dark and brooding as a thundercloud. "I'm gonna rip him apart. I'm gonna find the bastard and I'm gonna make him wish he was never born."

"Not if I find him first," was Toby's soft reply. Sam stirred in his arms and made a soft noise of pain. Toby's attention immediately shifted to him. "Hey pal, you coming back to us?"

Sam moaned softly as they all watched, entranced. He shifted a little and snuggled closer to Toby. "Hurts," he mumbled into the older man's shoulder.

Stepping forward, Dr. Woods tried to get Sam's attention. "Mr. Seaborn, I'm Dr. Woods, your surgeon. You have some very serious injuries and I'm afraid we can't give you any painkillers because of the drugs in your system. Can you tell us what you were given?"

Sam's body shivered to tried to curl up, but Toby's securing arms stopped him. "Come on, Sam. She's just trying to help you." With another shudder, Sam peeked out at the doctor from where his face was buried in Toby's shoulder.

"He… he said they were experimental. I don't know what they were." His voice was a hoarse whisper. Tears sprang in his eyes as flashes of memories from the basement attacked his mind. "God…" he moaned.

Shaking his head, Toby frowned at the brunette. "He doesn't know anything, ok?" he told her. He knew what talking about it was doing to his friend.

END Part Eight Ha! For once no cliffhangers!


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