Author: Rogue (Malia Kitechiru)

Title: Four Months and Five Weeks Ago Come Friday (yeah, its dumb and long but I like it so nah nah)

Rating: PG-13 (may be bordering on R later, dunno)

Summary: Josh is forced to attend a meeting with a family values committee as part of crackpot day and his thoughts turn to his association with Donna (they've been going out for ? months, should he pop the question?), who is in the middle of a pregnancy scare. They're already together in this one, if you want to read my own account of HOW they got together you'd have to read "Insomnia Does Strange Things" which is no where near finished right now I am sorry to say.

Disclaimers: Definitely not mine, definitely Aaron Sorkin's (rain man moment) I was in a real romantic mood when I wrote this I had just watched my two fave episodes of the West Wing (17 people and Noel) and the American President. So I wrote this...

Four Months and Five Weeks Ago Come Friday



"I can't look, I can't look!"

I turned around in a rush and realized there wasn't allot of room to move. I was stuffed in one of the smallest bathrooms I'd ever seen with CJ and Margaret.

You're probably thinking I do that for fun, stuff myself in bathrooms with my friends.

Not true, there was a very specific reason why we were there. However, to tell you I'd have to get out of the way a few preliminary details.

Three years ago, or four roughly I don't quite recall, I walked into the Bartlet for America campaign and hired myself as Joshua Lyman's assistant. Lucky for me he wasn't too pissed when he found out and kept me on, imagine my surprise when I was suddenly working for the Deputy Chief of Staff of the United States.

Well that was really only the beginning and had I known how it would unfold along the years I would have checked twice before diving in to my job with Josh.

Four months and five weeks ago come Friday—strange how I know that—Josh and I started dating.

Dating, what a weird word to use in the same sentence as Josh and I.

But we did, four months and five weeks ago come Friday. It started innocent, neither of us could sleep and we ended up talking to each other on the phone. Somehow in the wee hours of the morning we managed to realize we had feelings for each other.

Hence the dating began. It actually wasn't all that different from our usual relationship except he had agreed to be a little more considerate—and believe me that wasn't much. Also we had sex now. I dunno, for some reason women all ways associate men with power with being great in bed.

Well, as much as I would like to discourage that rumor, the fact is Josh Lyman definitely fits that category.

And that's how I ended up like this, stuffed into a bathroom with Margaret and CJ.

You see, on that bathroom sink held the object that would decide what happened next in my relationship with Josh.

But the tension was too much so I was facing away from the cup with the small pregnancy test stick stuck in it.

"What's it say?" I managed finally.


I was bored.

Bored to all belief.

I was half wishing some international crisis would happen so I could run to the rescue.

You know I may seriously be over estimating the importance of my role in the government.

I was in my office and just pressing random keys on my computer. It was still early and if I looked like I was occupied maybe no one would bother me.

No such luck!

"Yeah?" I said with a little more exhaustion in my voice then I think I meant.

"Where's Donna?" Leo asked. He was standing in my office doorway with a file stuck under his shoulder and looked around the bullpen with his usual gaze.

"Uh...some where with CJ and Margaret," I said, waving my hand. Is it bad that I can't keep track of my assistant/girlfriend? I woke up with her this morning at our apartment—yes, we're already living together—drove to work, she gave me my schedule and hopped off with Leo's assistant and the Press secretary.

All in all a normal day in the west wing. Except that I was bored out of my life. But Leo was here, so why did I have a sudden sick feeling in my stomach that I would be bored no longer?

"You have to attend a meeting in twenty minutes with the family values committee," Leo explained, obviously catching on that I knew he wasn't just in my office to ask about Donna.

"Family values committee?"


"There's such a THING as the Family Values Committee?" I asked, a skeptical look on my face. "Do these people have anything better to do with their lives?"

"Josh, you have to."

"'s totally crackpot day again isn't it?" I asked, suddenly becoming aware of why I could be forced to sit with this committee of Sunday school teachers and eleven kid parents.

"Yes, and no," Leo said.

"Yes what, huh?"

"Yes its total crackpot day again, and don't call it that,' Leo reprimanded. If I had been closer he probably would have hit me.

"All right," I made a "give up' gesture with my hands but grinned. "Can I take some help for the family values committee?"
"Like who?" Leo asked.


"Torture Sam day, is it?"

"That's every day, this is just a perk," I answered and left my office with Leo with a skip in my step. I have to attend a stupid family values meeting but I get to bring Sam with me.

"Sam!" I called, erupting into my friends' office. "Hello, good morrow to you—

"Good morrow? Did we go back to Sherwood Forest and I didn't notice?"

"Not my fault you don't check the memo's," I spoke over him. " anything planned in about eighteen minutes?"


"Now you do," I said simply. "It's Leo's Total Crackpot day again and we have to sit in on a family values committee."

"A family VALUES—

"That's what I said," I nodded. "I mean am I the only one who notices the big sign out side my office that says "Joshua Lyman, Deputy Chief of Staff?"

"Its' not that big."

"Don't rain on my parade, Sam."

"Is this also corny saying day?"

"I'm toying with the idea," I said, shrugging. "But my point is, why do we have to put up with this?"

"Because Leo likes it and the President thinks it's a good idea," Sam answered from his desk.

"I bet the President would feel differently if we made him sit with some Forrest ranger out to save the spotted owl...oh wait...I forgot he likes that kind of stuff."

"Yeah," Sam sighed. "Listen I'll meet you in ten minutes outside the blue room, okay?"

"Yeah," I nodded and walked back to my own bullpen. I stopped momentarily at Donna's desk to tell her something and then remembered she wasn't' there. She would have to come back soon or my whole functioning for the day would be shot.


"What's it say?" I asked again, because neither of them spoke when I asked the first time.

Margaret finally turned around. "It's negative."

I still can't explain my reaction when I heard her say it. My shoulders slumped and I immediately got tears in my eyes and a frown on my face.

"Donna what's wrong?" CJ asked, frowning.

"I-I don't know," I admitted. "You know I had never given it much thought, having a baby. B-but when I thought I was going to have one, I really wouldn't have minded..." I trailed off there because try as I might tears were falling down my cheeks. I had been more emotional these past few days. At first I thought it was sign of my coming period but then it was pregnancy after I presumed I missed my dead line. Now it must be PMS, so I cry harder.

"Shh, Donna, honey," Margaret sighed and hugged me, CJ after her.

"It's okay," CJ said. "You really wanted a baby, didn't you?"

"Yeah," I sobbed. I guess I really did, other wise why would I be that upset.

"It's okay," CJ whispered. "You still have Josh and maybe later the baby will come."

"Yeah," I smiled softly. "Thanks guys."

"No problem," Margaret said. "But I suggest we hustle back to work before the guys come looking for us."

"Yeah, I'll see you later," I said and left slowly, checking myself in the mirror first to make sure my mascara hadn't run too much. I walked slowly back to my desk and flopped down in my chair to stare aimlessly at my computer screen. I was still a little upset, I hadn't realized I wanted a baby so badly. Well was that a crime? I wanted the child of the man I loved, how bad was that?

Well considering Josh and I never even talked about having children...I think he would have been mildly surprised.

Well that's not entirely true. He told me once he wanted a little girl. I remember I grinned because usually guys always brag about how they want boys to carry on the family name and traditions. But Josh said he wanted a girl.

I would love to give him that girl.


I snapped to attention when I heard Josh's voice behind me. He was reading from a file that he had resting on a nearby filing cabinet and was doing this thing with his jacket he always did when he had to wait. He pushed his hands back to go on his hips and took his jacket with them. I'd have to lecture him on it later.

"Listen, it my favorite day of the year again..." he continued.

"Flag day?" I asked. Josh always likes to complain Flag Day isn't really a holiday.

"No, because, you know, it's April."

"I know," I said but blushed a little while I grinned.

"Although I could once again grace you with my "flags shouldn't have a holiday' speech," he offered.

"Please, don't," I groaned. I was feeling a little better now.

"You know it really is stupid cause—

"Josh, does this conversation have a point?" I asked dryly, cutting him off before he could start a debate with himself.

"I have to attend a meeting with Sam and the family values committee—

"Family VALUES Committee...

"Don't get me started," Josh cut me off with a hand gesture and rolled his eyes. "Anyway, I'll be gone for a little while. If you need me page me, because I'm sure I'll be looking for a reason to get out of the stupid thing."

"I'll make sure everyone knows you are unavailable except for nation emergencies," I offered, grinning sweetly.

"Whose side are you on, Ms. Moss?" Josh asked jokingly.

"The President's," I said simply and Josh grinned down at me.

"Yeah, aren't' we all. Anyway, I'll see you after this thing maybe we'll catch some lunch," Josh suggested and I shrugged.

"Yeah, maybe," I said and started to pull out my books to check and make sure he wasn't in some meeting.

"I'll see you, hey try to cheer up, all right," Josh laughed. "You gonna start to make me worry, and that almost never happens." He finished and hesitated for a moment before kissing me briefly on the cheek. We're not supposed to do that kind of thing around the office, it's what Josh had to promise Leo so we could go out in the first place. So he's either in a really good mood—although I wouldn't' know why, he's got to go to that stupid committee—or he's finally realized I kinda looked down. Possibly both. I suppose I would have to tell him...eventually.


Four Months and Five Days Ago Come Friday - 2




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