Title: Snowed In

Author: Rogue (No that is NOT my real name, it's Malia Kitechiru which is almost as abnormal)

Rating: G

Library: You want it, take it but tell me

Summary: Josh, Donna, Sam, Toby, CJ, Charlie and Ainsley get snowed in to the West Wing and chaos ensues when they start breaking things and playing games. It's supposed to be funny so just enjoy it.

Disclaimers: Not mine, just playing around.

Snowed In

Toby Ziegler flipped the page on his forms, getting minor-ly annoyed as he went. Republics were pissing him off. When were they not? Toby was interrupted from his fuming when a harsh knock on his office door made him glance up. Sam Seaborn, the deputy communications director was standing next to his best friend Josh Lyman the deputy chief of staff. They were professional men of politics although right now they didn't seem like it. They were both wearing heavy trench coats with scarves wrapped around their necks, cheeks bright red from being out in the cold.

"Yes?" Toby asked, irritated.

"It's snowing," Josh said excitedly, sounding more like a two-year-old who had just seen his first snow flake.

"And?" Toby asked slowly.

Sam and Josh glanced at each other with a devilish look on their faces.

"Snow ball fight!" they yelled together as they revealed the weapons they had brought in with them and tossed them at Toby. Toby was caught surprised and unaware and suddenly very wet. He yelled something Sam and Josh couldn't make out as they fled back down the hallway. Toby went to run after them and slipped on the puddle of water the two had tracked inside with them. Toby was staring at the ceiling when the faces of Sam, Josh and Donna appeared above him.

"Gotcha!" Josh laughed.

"I'm sorry...you...okay?" Sam's words were broken by laughter.

"You tow are so immature," Donna mumbled.

"Lighten up, Donnatella," Josh said and rolled his eyes.

"Stop acting like a kindergartner, Joshua," Donna spat back. "You okay, Toby?"

"I'm fine," he grumbled and picked himself up from the floor. "Don't you two have anything better to do?" he asked Josh and Sam irritably.

"It's eleven o clock, Toby," Sam said. "CJ is still here too but other then that I think the place is deserted."

"Ugh! Who tracked the water in here?"

The group turned and saw Ainsley Hayes looking cross down at the puddles along the White House floor.

"Never mind," Sam mumbled.

"Hey guys," Charlie Young came around the corner.

"Hey Charlie, didn't' know you were still here," Josh grinned.

"Uh yeah, I was doing some reading at my desk," Charlie shrugged. "Um...have you guys looked out the window lately?"

"No, why?" Toby frowned.

"It's snowing...really bad," Charlie said. "I tried to leave but the doors were snowed in."

"Uh oh..." Sam muttered. CJ ran down the hall and everyone turned at the sound of her heels.

"What's up?" Josh asked.

"All the doors to any part of the White House are blocked," CJ gasped from running. "I forgot that they're doing construction today!"

"Al the doors to the outside are blocked too," Donna said.

"So we're stuck..." Ainsley said slowly. "In the west Wing."


Donna Moss was sitting at her desk, sifting through the papers. Great, stuck in the West Wing, till god knows when. How could this get worse?

"Echo niner, come in Echo niner."
What in hell? Donna frowned and got up and walked from her desk. She saw Josh huddled behind a turned table, Sam crouched next to them. Both of them had gotten camouflage jackets from somewhere and Ainsley was sitting next to them, eyeing both of them with suspicion.

"What are you doing?" Donna asked.

"Playing war," Sam grinned like a kid in a tree house.

"Playing WAR?" Donna raised an eyebrow.

"It's us," Josh gestured to him Sam and Ainsley. "Against Charlie, CJ and Toby."

"How come we got the Republican," Sam grunted and shot a look in Ainsley's direction.

"Can you please not do that?" Ainsley asked angrily.

"Do what?"

"Talk about me like I'm not here."

"Hey Josh did you know Ainsley opposed that proposition AGAIN..."

"Sam," Ainsley had a look of death on her face but Sam didn't glance at her.

"Can we please try not to kill each other," Donna asked. God, she sounded like she was talking to children.

"You know if we're stuck in here too long, we may have to eat the first person who dies," Josh pointed out.


"I could happen," Josh shrugged. " I saw it on this movie where a plane crashed...

"You'd eat a person?" Ainsley got a disgusted look on her face.

"I doubt it would taste very good," Donna said.

"Speak for yourself,' Josh said. "I think I'd taste good. Like chicken maybe."

"You are disgusting," Donna huffed.

"What about it, Donna? Would you eat me?"

"All right, no more discussing eating people!" Sam interrupted.

"So why are we playing war with Charlie, Toby and CJ?" Donna asked, changing the subject away from eating people.

"Because we're bored, it's midnight and we all had to much coffee to try to sleep," Sam said with a shrug.

"What weapons to they have?" Donna asked, getting into it now.

"Snow balls I think," Josh said. "Hey, Ainsley wanna go on a reconnaissance mission?"

"Definitely not," Ainsley huffed. "Why me? Sam's better at these stupid games."

"Hey," Sam said and put a mocked look of injury on his face.

"Because frankly Ainsley you're expendable," Josh replied.

"Thank you for you honesty there, Josh."

"Not a problem."

Then the radio fizzed next to Josh and CJ's voice came up from the speaker.

"Hey guys, come to the staff room."

"Why?" Josh asked.

"We putting a hold on war for now," CJ said. "The academy awards are on, wanna bet some?"

"We're in," Sam said enthusiastically.

"Put we're still at war," Josh pouted.

"We'll sign a treaty," Toby's voice said from the radio.

"On our way," Josh said.


"Three M&M's on Gladiator!" Donna said and poured the M&M's into the betting pool.

"I'm gonna go for Traffic," CJ said.

"Ditto," Charlie nodded.

"I'm sitting out this one," Ainsley shook her head.

"I'm going for the under dog so I'll take Chocolat," Sam said and poured in his M&M's.

"Sam you romantic," CJ teased.

"I don't assume ties to the movie with the people betting for it, Claudia Jean or I will start to believe you are a drug dealer."

"Shut up, Sam."

"I think I'll go Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon," Josh announced. He heard Donna scoff and made a face. "You have an issue with my choice, Donna?"

"Only that it doesn't stand a chance against Gladiator and my Russell Crow," Donna grinned.

"Are you picking that movie solely because Russell Crow is in it?"

"Yes, he's very sexy, I must admit. Ladies?"

"Definitely, oh yeah," Ainsley and CJ nod together at Donna's comment.

"Sexier then me?"


"Ouch Donna, that one hurt."

"Can we please not start a debate on who is sexier then Russell Crow?" Toby asked with his usual amount of irritation.

"Sure Toby, because we all no the ladies just can't keep they're hands off you," Josh grinned.

"Josh are you asking for a death wish?"

"Don't kill him," Donna interrupted. "I don't want to eat him."

"What?" CJ looked horrified.

"We had this whole debate over if we got stuck here for too long who would have to be eaten."

"I think Toby would go first," Charlie said. " No offense."

"None taken," Toby muttered.

"You just piss people off so easily."

"OK Charlie, I get the point," Toby sighed.

"I don't' think that's completely fair, Charlie," Sam said. "I think the Democrats should bond together. Ainsley's the first to go."

"Over my dead body," Ainsley muttered crossly.

"Precisely my point."


"Sam if you don't shut up soon, you're going to be the first to go," CJ said simply.

"I think we should pretend to be Survivor and start voting people off," Josh said with a dumb smile on his face. "Donna, sorry, but since your cold blooded I assume you would live longer in the snow..."

"I'm going to beat you, Joshua Lyman. Besides the fact you obviously failed Biology," Donna muttered. She was watching the TV and suddenly leapt from her seat. "OH! I won!"

The others groaned ad Donna excitedly pulled all the M&M's over towards her.

"All right, time for a new game," Sam said.

"Why did I fail Biology?"


Toby was standing in the hall beating at his cell phone.

"Won't work?" CJ guessed.

"Right," Toby sighed. "What's everyone else doing?"
"Nothing productive," CJ snorted.

She was right. Ainsley and Donna were on line, surfing whatever they felt like. Sam had a plastic baseball and Charlie was holding a bat, Josh crouched behind him.

"Hey batter, batter, batter, SWING!" Josh yelled.

"No offense, Josh but I'm getting to the point where the batter may have to kill the catcher," Charlie muttered.

"Just hit the ball Charlie," Sam smiled.

"Well maybe if you ever threw IT...

Just to retaliate Sam tossed the ball. Charlie connected this time and the ball soared over Donna and Ainsley's heads, narrowly missed Toby and CJ and crashed through an office window.

"Good going Charlie," Josh said. "Now we'll never get our ball back. It went into the mean next door neighbors yard."

"I'm not playing with you two anymore,' Charlie shook his head.


"What were you DOING?" Toby asked, angry as he taped a piece of cardboard over the broken window.

"We were just having fun," Sam shrugged.

"Good I can see the newspapers tomorrow," Toby grunted. "Deputy Communications director and Deputy Chief of Staff single handedly destroy the west wing!"

"Umm...actually technically it was Charlie who hit the ball," Josh said.

"Don't turn this on me," Charlie shook his head and backed away.

"This seems to be a pattern with you two," CJ sighed. "Like burning down the White House?"

"That was..." the both started at the same time.

"Sam's fault," Josh said.

"An accident," Sam said. He realized quickly what Josh said and turned on his friend. "MY fault?!"

"I said 'Sam I don't' think it's a bright idea..."

"Actually that was me," Donna piped up from her computer.

"Donnatella...you want that time off?"

"I don't' take well to threats, Joshua."

"Why doesn't she listen to me?" Josh asked Sam.

"You lost your power, pal."

"Okay every one listen!" Toby yelled over the chatting. "From now on we will not do anything that will destroy the White House. Okay?"

"Gee I dunno, there go my plans," Josh pouted.

"Yeah I guess we can scratch out the whole idea of the fire works in Leo's office." Sam nodded sadly.

"You two..." Toby muttered.

"How come we're the only ones in trouble?" Sam asked.

"Cause so far you're the only two who have DONE anything!" Toby grunted.

"Give it time," CJ said. "I'm sure by the end of the night everyone will have done their fair share of damage."
"That's what I'm afraid of," Toby nodded.

Part 2


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