Author: Rogue (Malia Kitechiru)

Title: Snowed In Part Three:

Rating: PG-13

Archive: Yeah, take it, tell me, yadda yadda

Disclaimer: Not mine, Aaron Sorkin's

Summary: This is the end people! It's short, I realize it, but I tried to just have some fun! Anyway, here we go...

Snowed In Part Three

"What are you two doing?"

CJ Craig leaned against the wall and glanced at Sam, Toby and Charlie who were fiddling with the box attached to another wall.

"Trying to get the lights back on," Toby grunted as he pushed a button inside the silver box.

"Can I point out none of you are skilled electricians?" CJ muttered.

"We are perfectly aware of that, CJ,' Sam said.

"And yet you continue to play double dare with your lives."

"It's entertaining, you have to admit."

"If anyone gets electrocuted, I don't know CPR," CJ said.

"I do," Donna piped.

"Doesn't this place have a back up generator?" Josh asked from his slumped position against a desk.

"Yeah, but I think we blew a fuse," Toby said.

"We should expect rescue in..." Charlie glanced at his watch. "Two hours, why don't we just leave the lights off and try to get some sleep?"

"Sleep? What is this...sleep?" Josh asked.

"Oh, wait, I think I got it," Toby announced. "And he said...let there be light!"

Toby flipped a switch and watched triumphantly as the lights flickered to life in the office...then went out again.

"Well, so much for playing God," Toby murmured.

"Here, let me," Sam said and started to move things around.

"Yes, superman, it's all yours," Toby grunted.

"Save us, Sam, save us," Ainsley mocked quietly from her chair.

"No one appreciates me anymore,' Sam muttered.

"I'm going to get some more chocolate," Josh said. "Why don't we have anything else to eat?"

"Because the mess is locked up for some reason I can't quite comprehend," CJ sighed. "Not that there's much in there right now anyway."

"Right," Josh nodded and walked towards the counter where the coffee and candy bars were set up. He picked one up and started to eat and as he was walking back heard sound of swishing water under his feet. Josh frowned and looked down. There was water all down the hall, a good inch high.

"Oh, man," Josh grumbled and trudged back to the group. "Guys, in case anyone cares, we may have a minor flood on our hands?"

"You up to parting the Red Sea?" Sam asked Toby.

"That was Moses, not God."

'What do you mean, flood?" Ainsley asked Josh, leaping from her seat.

Josh led his friends to where the water was moving down the hall.


"We have to clean this up," CJ muttered. "Do we have any paper towels?"

"Sure," Donna ran off to go get them.

"Where's it coming from?" Charlie asked.

"Did we leave a window open after our snow coffee escapade?" Donna asked.

"Escapade?" Josh snorted.

"Hush, Joshua."

"I don't' think all of this is from snow," Charlie pointed out.

"Well, let me look," Sam walked trough the water, Toby behind him. The walked along the small river that had formed in the west wing and stopped where the water started flowing on to the floor. Sam glanced at the sink and raised an eyebrow.

"CJ?" Toby yelled back.


"When you found out the pipes were frozen...did you leave the faucet turned on?" Toby asked.

There was silence for a while.


"All right, I got the paper towels," Donna announced. "Let's just clean up."

Donna distributed paper towels and slowly the group started to clean the ice water from the floor. Sam, Josh and Charlie started sliding on theirs until CJ threatened them. Ainsley was in a skirt so she didn't want to lean down on the floor and get wet. That all went to hell when Josh started a wet paper towel fight.

A good fifteen minutes to half an hour later the floor was finally free of the water and the group exhausted.

"Well, this was an interesting experience in all, I must say," CJ muttered.

"Understatement, Claudia Jean," Toby said.


CJ was slumped in a sofa, hand over her eyes when Donna walked in.

"You okay?"

"Fine," CJ grumbled.

"Yeah, hey, Sam told me to give this to you," Donna handed CJ a note. CJ sighed and sat up, unfolding the note.

"Oh my god," CJ muttered.

"What?" Donna frowned.

"They kidnapped Gloria!"

"Who's Gloria?" Ainsley asked from the doorway.

"My fish!" CJ yelled. "I can't believe them!"

"Just proves when those guys get confined to closed places they go insane," Donna nodded.

"That is IT!" CJ stood up. "This is war, girls, follow me."

"Okay," Ainsley said and followed Donna toward CJ's office.

"Where are the guys?" Donna asked.

"Hiding somewhere with Gloria and snow balls I bet you," CJ muttered. She was sifting through her desk and took her time before yelling, "Ah ha!"

"What?" Ainsley asked.

"Silly string," CJ cried triumphantly and held up four cans of the bright colored foam string.

"Where did you get these?" Donna asked as CJ handed her a purple can and Ainsley an orange one.

"Left over from this thing I did last Halloween," CJ shrugged. She was holding a blue can and a green one. "Let's go."


Charlie looked down at the fish bowl and made a face at the gold fish.

"So do you think she got your message?" Josh asked. He had a super soaker in one hand and the other on the desk in front of them.

"Definitely," Sam nodded. He too had a super soaker.

"Where did you two get these things?" Toby asked, glancing at the water guns.

"Sam has a lot of toys in his office," Josh shrugged.

"I'm still in denial about the growing up thing," Sam nodded.

"It's five AM, why did we feel the need to kidnap, CJ's fish?" Toby asked dryly.

"Because there was nothing else to do," Sam said slowly.

"Yeah but—


CJ, Ainsley and Donna erupted from behind the desk and the silly string cans let lose upon the four men caught off guard behind the desk.

"Ah, fire!" Josh yelled and started firing water at the women while getting covered in purple and blue silly string.

In five minutes everyone was soaked from Josh and Sam's water guns—not to mention the minor fight earlier with the flood—and covered in multiple shades of silly string.

"UGH! I got some in my mouth," Josh made a face and removed silly string from his head and face.

"Tell me about, this stuff is dangerous," Toby grunted, gesturing at a can he had managed to pull away from one of the girls.

"You started it by stealing Gloria," Donna huffed. The fish was now safely back in CJ's office after the group nearly tossed the fish bowl over during their silly string/water fight.

"Well I think we call peace now," Josh said.

"Definitely, I am still armed," Donna threatened.

"I say we pick the silly string from our selves and try to catch some shut eyes," Toby announced. "Just say Yea."



"What happened?"

President Josiah Bartlet was in his living room in the White House and was looking up at his Chief of Staff and best friend, Leo McGarry.

"They got snowed in to the west wing," Leo grinned.

"And they didn't KILL each other?"

"Amazingly, no," Leo said. "Actually they're just opening the doors down stairs if you want to come with me to see them."

"I think that would be entertaining, yes," Bartlet grinned and put his reading glasses and book down to follow Leo. Minutes later they were there when utility workers opened the doors of the West Wing, free from the feet of snow that fell the night before.

Leo and the President walked down the hall until they found the staff. They were all asleep in their little camping circle, huddled close together, heads on other's shoulders. The President grinned and looked at Leo.

"Do we have any fog horns around here, I think a rude awakening may be in order."
"I'll have the secret service get to work on it right away, sir," Leo nodded. "I hope they got enough sleep, they have an interesting day ahead of them.

"I'm sure it was interesting night," the President nodded. "Say, we have those security cameras, don't we?"

"Yes, sir."

"I think I would like to look at those tapes."

"Yes sir."

"And some pop corn."

"I'll schedule it around your Middle East meeting and the briefing with Fitzwallace."

"Turned into my secretary all of a sudden?" Bartlet laughed. "Ah yes, business as usual."



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