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Someone In The Shadows - Part 2
Well, the rest of the morning was fairly uneventful.
I, however, was on edge, expecting someone or
something to jump from the shadows at any moment. I
freaked out when Josh came up behind me, and he just
wanted to know what was next on his schedule. I swear
I'm losing my mind.

Lunchtime finally arrived and I headed to the
cafeteria to meet my friends. Everyone else had
already arrived and had gotten their lunches. As I
looked at them, they looked as nervous and upset as I
"Hey everybody."
"Hey Donna," Bonnie answered.
"No one has calmed down, have you?" Five other heads
confirmed my thoughts. "Me neither," I answered as I
set down my tray.
"What are we going to do?" Margaret fretted.
"We can't tell senior staff," Carol reminded us,
"They've got enough on their minds."
"Especially since the shooting," I add.
"But, what are we going to do?" Margaret asked again.
I shrug my shoulders. "We just hold on for now, I
guess. Maybe this is just a weird fluke." The
others looked at me questioningly. "Okay, maybe not,
but we don't know enough to do anything right now."
"You're right," Cathy replied.
"But that doesn't make us any less freaked out!"
Ginger exclaimed.
"I know, I know. I'm scared too. But at least we
have each other. We're not completely alone in this."
"That's right," Cathy said, "We've always gotten
through stuff together. We can help each other deal
with this."
Cathy was right-at least we still had each other. We
finished our lunch happier than we had been all day.
Hopefully, things would be looking up.

Those thoughts were dashed the moment I got home. My
afternoon had gone be fairly quickly. Josh spent the
majority of the afternoon meeting with various leaders
on Capitol Hill. That was good for me because I could
relax and get my work done, and I didn't have to chase
after Josh to make sure he got to places on time.
Don't get me wrong, I love my job and I love working
for Josh. Today I had enough things going on without
having to baby sit Josh, too.
I pulled my car into a space and headed to my fifth
floor apartment. All I wanted to do was order some
Chinese food and veg out on my living room couch. As
I got out of the elevator, I noticed that something
had been delivered to my apartment. Since my roommate
had left on a business trip that morning, it was still
sitting outside the door. As I got closer, I realized
that it was a bouquet of dead flowers with a note. My
insides began to churn as I thought about my prank
call last night. Oh, God, what if it's them again.
My hands are shaking as I pick up the bouquet and
unlock my door. Once I get inside, I decide to read
the note. My stomach drops as I realize that it is
from that person on the other end of the phone line
last night. The note said: "Hello blondie. I'm
watching you. Signed your phone a friend."
This guy is really sick. I panic and reach for the
phone to dial Margaret's number. Then I noticed that
there were five messages on my machine. I bet I can
guess whom those are from. Maybe this is a bigger
problem than what we thought. I better call the
others. I hope I can sleep tonight.

The night passed quickly into day and before I knew
it, I was on my way to work again. As I battle the
morning rush hour, my thoughts are racing with the
events of the past two days. What kind of person
would do this to us? I have a hard time believing
that this is a random act of terror. I mean, maybe if
this was happening to just one of us, it would be
believable, but all six assistants to the senior staff
of the White House? Come on, that's pretty farfetched
for even me.
I continue to ponder these questions as I make my
way through the security checks leading into the West
Wing. I must admit, it's something of a power trip to
be allowed access to the intermost offices of our
government. Anyway, I'm getting off the subject.
I arrive at my desk only to notice that I've beaten
Josh in to work again. Big surprise. He better get
here soon, there's a staff meeting in thirty minutes.
No sooner do those thoughts enter my head, and
Hurricane Josh blows in.
"Donna, give me five minutes before you start
lecturing me on the value of arriving early to work,"
he called over his shoulder as he headed into his
"I wasn't going to lecture…"
"And bring me my schedule!" Josh yells before the
office door slams shut.
Geez, somebody got up of the wrong side of the bed
this morning!

After I read Mr. Cranky his schedule and sent him off
to his staff meeting, I headed over to the
communications bullpen for my first meeting of the
day. I was the last one to arrive.
"Hey guys, sorry I'm late. Josh was very cranky this
"Don't worry about it," Margaret replied.
"We were just starting to talk about stuff," Bonnie
"Does anyone have the slightest idea who could be
doing this to us?" Carol asks.
"I think that someone is out to get us. For these
people to come after all six of us is not some random
act of terror, it's a well thought out plan of
"We can't go to the police," Carol said.
"Why not?" Cathy asked.
"Think about it," Ginger replies.
"The White House senior staff assistants being
terrorized? It'll be front page news the next day,"
Carol explains.
"So we just wait and hope this guy doesn't strike
again?" Margaret asks.
"I guess so. We…" My thoughts are interrupted by the
ringing phone on Ginger's desk. As she goes to answer
it, I continue. "We really don't have a choice. Be
extra cautious. You know, don't walk alone, keep in
touch with each other, stuff like that."
"We better wrap this up, senior staff will be done
soon," Cathy interrupts as she checks her watch. The
rest of us nod in agreement.
"Hey Bonnie, can you answer my phone? I've got to go
sign for a delivery," Ginger asks as she returns to
the group.
"No problem," Bonnie replies.
"Oooh, somebody got flowers," Carol teased.
Ginger blushed. "Robby and I had a fight. I'm
guessing that it's a peace offering."
"Good luck," I call as we headed in different

When I reached my office, I noticed that there was a
cup of coffee and a muffin on my desk with a little
white flag. I guess Mr. Cranky got an attack of
"Do you forgive me?" a voice from behind me asked. I
whirled around and there was Josh standing in the
Before I could answer him, an ear-piercing scream
shattered the silence. Terror overcame me as I
realized whom the voice belonged to.
"That was Ginger!" I gasped as I took off down the
hallway with Josh hot on my heels.



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