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Someone In The Shadows - Part 5

Fortunately, nothing else happened that night. I
called the others to make sure that nothing had
happened to them. We hadn't heard anything from the
Secret Service about the location or identity of the
voice on the other end of the phone line.
Josh and I had spent a pleasant evening together.
After dinner we watched a movie before we turned in
for the night. I don't know what to think about him.
I mean, everyone else in the West Wing seems to think
that Josh and I are crazy about each other. Maybe
that's true-I'm not confirming or denying their
thoughts-but our relationship now is too important to
throw away for a romance that could potentially end
badly. Plus, pursuing a romance could get us both
fired. Josh and I have always gotten along well, but
after the shooting our relationship changed. The
thought of Josh not being in my life tore my heart
out. Watching him fight so hard for his life…
"Donna…" a voice interrupts my thoughts.
"Huh?" I snap out of my daydream.
"You okay?" Josh asks. "You keep zoning out this
I seem to pick the most inopportune times to think
about important issues. I was in the middle of
reading Josh's schedule to him when I spaced out.
I've got to snap out of these thoughts about Josh.
He's my boss.
"Sorry, I'm just wondering about last night and what
they found out from the phone trace. Anyway, you've
got Senator Dane at 3 o'clock-I'm pretty sure he wants
to talk about 546-at 5 you've got a meeting with the
President in the Oval Office…"
The phone ringing cuts me off, being the dutiful
assistant I answer it.
"Josh Lyman's office."
"Donna, the President would like to meet with you, the
other assistants and the Senior Staff in five
minutes," Mrs. Landingham informs me.
"Thank you, Mrs. Landingham. We'll be right there."
I hang up the phone and glance at Josh.
"The President wants to see everyone in the Oval
Office in five minutes."
"Maybe they caught this creep." Josh says
"I hope so."
"Donna, everything is going to be fine. I promise."
Josh offers.
I smiled. "I really appreciate you trying to cheer me
up. But Josh, don't make promises you can't keep."
He nods in understanding. "Fair enough. Do I have a
lunch hour today?"
"Weren't you paying attention? I just read you your
schedule. You're free from one to two." Man, he can
be so frustrating to work with!
"How 'bout I take you to lunch?" Josh asks with a
mischievous glint in his eye.
"You? You, Josh Lyman, are asking me if I want a free
lunch? I'm touched. Sure, I'll go to lunch with
you." I get up to head to the Oval Office. "But if
you don't get up, we're going to be late to meet with
the President."
My boss is now grinning like an egotistical maniac.
Yes Josh, I just paid you a compliment. Now wipe that
stupid grin off your face. No, don't wipe off the
smirk. He looks so adorable when he's acting macho.
Whoa, down girl. Get those hormones in check. You
just gave yourself a lecture as to why you and Josh
could never be an item.
We've now made it to the Oval Office. Josh offers me
an encouraging smile before we both enter the
President's office. CJ, Carol, Bonnie, Toby and
Ginger have already arrived. Ron Butterfield is here
too. Just as we enter, Leo and Margaret arrive from
the connecting door in Leo's office. A couple of
seconds later, Sam and Cathy arrive.
"Donna, it's nice to see you this morning." President
Bartlet greets me.
"Thank you sir, I hope there is some good news to
The President looked uncomfortable as he glanced at
Ron Butterfield.
"Mr. President, I'm sorry to report that the suspect
was not apprehended last evening. However, we did
locate his residence. It seems that the perpetrator
is a member of West Virginia White Pride."
At those words the air was sucked out of the room.
Every single person wore a look of utter disbelief.
"How…why…" Josh tries to speak.
"According to the information from the telephone
conversation he had with Ms. Moss, as well as other
information we've obtained, the suspect wants revenge
on this administration. Apparently the suspect is the
brother of Carl Leroy. He is upset that his brother
was caught and that there were no fatalities at
Rosslyn." Butterfield tried to offer an explanation.
"We've staked out his location and will apprehend him
as soon as he returns."
I've have never heard such a silence as we tried to
digest the information we'd received. I feel like
I've been punched in the stomach.
"Thank you Ron," the President dismisses the agent.
"Well," the President exclaimed as he clapped his
hands together," I know that was a lot of information
to digest, but we still have a job to do. No one, I
repeat, NO ONE leaves the building until they are
going home. Meals can be delivered but no one leaves.
It's just a safety precaution because who knows what
this guy is capable of. Other than that, we can't do
anything. The Secret Service is on top of the
situation; there's nothing else we can do. Now, if
there's nothing else, let's get back to work."
With a chorus of "Thank you, Mr. President," we start
to leave the room. All of a sudden, Ron Butterfield
and several other agents burst through the doors.
"No one leaves. Mr. President, we have to secure the
area. There has been a breach of security in the
White House garage." Butterfield informs us.
It doesn't matter how many times this happens, my
heart always skips a beat thinking that someone is
trying to harm the President.
Josh must have noticed my panic because he gave my
shoulder a reassuring squeeze and whispered, "It's
okay, Donnatella."
I have to bite my lip to keep from smiling, I told you
Josh Lyman is the only person who can call me by my
full name and make me smile.
Before I can reply, Ron Butterfield gets a message in
his little earpiece.
"The suspect has been apprehended, Mr. President." He
informed us. "Apparently it was Stuart Leroy. He was
sabotaging Ms. Jenkins' car."
Bonnie's eyes widened, "My car!"
The realization of his words hit me like a ton of
bricks. "You mean, you got him? It's over?"
Butterfield nodded, "Yes ma'am, we got him."
"Thank you, Ron." President Bartlet replied, "Why
don't you've give us a minute and then I want the full
"Yes sir," the agent replied, "Thank you, Mr.
President." The agents leave the office.
Smiles start to appear throughout the office.
"It's over!" Carol cheers.
"They got him!" Margaret exclaims.
"I can't believe it!" Ginger raves.
"This calls for a celebration," President Bartlet
remarked. "I hereby declare tonight a staff party
night. You are all invited to dinner and drinks in
the residence tonight at seven. Considering the
occasion, I don't think I'll have to be ordering
anyone to appear…right Toby?"
Toby nodded, "Of course not, Mr. President."
President Bartlet smiled and said, "Now that
everything has been resolved, get back to work."
Again with a chorus of "Thank you, Mr. President", we
left the Oval Office.




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