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Someone In The Shadows - Part 6

That night, the White House residence was a party
place. In honor of the capture of Stuart Leroy, the
Senior Staff gave their assistants the afternoon off,
with strict orders to return at seven o'clock that
I arrived with Margaret and we were quickly ushered to
the sitting room, where most of the other assistants
had already arrived.
"You're late," Bonnie reprimanded us.
"Sorry, Margaret took a little longer getting ready
than I had expected."
Margaret blushed, "I couldn't decide what to wear. Is
Senior Staff already here?"
"No," Ginger answered," they're still in a staff
As soon as she uttered those words, Toby, Sam, CJ and
Josh entered the room.
"Have no fear, ladies. The party has arrived!" Josh
"Oh please, could your ego get any bigger?" CJ
You go CJ. I was thinking the same thing.
"The President and Leo will be here momentarily. They
went to check on the menu." CJ continued.
I wandered over to Josh. "So, did you survive without
me here to baby-sit you this afternoon."
"Baby-sit?" he sputtered, "Donna, for someone who has
illegible penmanship, you have no room to make fun of
I smiled at the ongoing joke. "How many times do I
have to tell you? My penmanship is distinctive."
"Not that I don't want to hear you guys argue about
this for about the ten thousandth time, but I'm going
to talk to CJ." Sam interrupted.
Josh and I laughed. "Sorry Sam," Josh apologized.
He turned to me with a serious expression. "Donna I
need to ask you something."
"Let's sit down." He replied as he led me to a couch
at the far end of the room away from the others.
"Why didn't you tell me about the phone call?" Josh
I shifted uncomfortably. "Josh…"
"I never thought you'd be in danger, Donna. I
couldn't bear it if anything happened to you because
of me."
Tears welled up in my eyes. "I didn't want you to
feel guilty. I mean, I've seen the hate mail you get.
Hell, I see more than you do because I have to go
through and sort it. They are madmen, Josh. There is
nothing anyone can do about it. No weapon on earth
can stop hate. I believe in the things that we do
here. No little stalker is going to scare me away."
Josh smiled as he hugged me. "Good," he whispered in
my ear, "because I can' t live without you."
Hopefully, those words held a promise of a bright




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