I was listening to the song How can I not love you from the soundtrack
to Anna and the King. It inspired me so here's the result.
*If you got an e-mail from me w/ just this much on it, it was sent by
mistake, gotta luv webtv.


Disclaimer: I don't own the characters in this story, or the song How
can I not love you; they both belong to their respective owners. I'm
just borrowing them. Also if anyone catches my references to Days of Our
Lives, I don't own that either. 

Everything that's in between these * * are
C.J's or Danny's thoughts.

Danny we can't see each other like this any more. C.J. No Danny we work
together we can't see each other. * I have to stop thinking about that.
It happened almost a week ago. Danny and I have barley spoken since
then. I only see him when I do the briefings and even then I can't look
him in the eye,.* Hey C.J. Hey Carol. You have a new reporter in there.
Who? Audrey Aremid. What paper is she with? The Washington-Post. Okay.
C.J walked into the briefing room and took her place at the podium. The
situation in China ended to day with the release of the last two
hostages. The President will......
The rest of the briefing went as usual. * I can't wait to get out of
here all I wanna do is relax.* Well, if no one has anything else we're
done. C.J. Yes, Audrey? I don't think you're telling us everything. I
beg your pardon Audrey. Well, Why were the hostages taken in the first
place? The FBI is looking into it. Right now they believe that it was a
random attack and the mental state of the terrorist supports this
allegation. That's all the FBI is saying? Yes. Come on C.J you really
expect us to believe that? It's the truth Audrey whether you chose to
believe it or not. That's all for today. C.J, how did it go with the new
girl? Carol, she is a pain in the ass. Okay then. Hey C.J. Hey Mallory.
Joey and I are going out later, wanna come? Sure. * I need a good night
out. Take my mind off of no don't go there C.J.* Hey C.J., Joey and
Mallory said in unison. Hey guys. * We were at the Snake Pit. I saw them
as soon as I walked in, Danny and Audrey. He had his arm on her chair.*
C.J. if you wanna leave we completely understand, we haven't ordered yet
and there are a ton of restaurants in D.C; we could go over to the Blue
Note. Mallory suggested. Yeah C.J. Mal's right. No we're staying I won't
let THAT ruin my night. Okay. If you say so.


Danny, Danny! Huh? you zoned out there. Oh. Sorry. It's okay, it's just
you got this funny look on your face when C.J. Cregg walked in. Oh, it's
nothing. You sure? Yep. * I saw C.J.'s face when she walked in, I
thought she, Joey, and Mallory were gonna leave, but apparently not.*
Over at the bar he saw the three women laughing. It looked like they
were haven't a great time. If he didn't know better he'd say C.J. was
drinking, but he knew she rarely if ever drank alcohol. * I wish I was
with C.J. Dame Danny you're here with a gorgeous woman who wants to be
here with you yet all you can think about is the one woman you couldn't


* I never get drunk , but I need something to calm my nerves. Being with
my friends and having a large Martini is exactly what I needed.* The
three of them were way past drunk, especially Mallory and Joey. Danny
and Audrey had left long ago. Hey girls, it's closing time, the
bartender yelled from the back, if you need a cab I'll be happy to..C.J.
cut him off, that's okay I have my car. Are you sure? Yeah, You bet,
Mallory and Joey answered in unison. * We went out and got in to my car.
We were driving down the beltway and the next thing I new everything was

He had taken Audrey home long ago. He had told her he couldn't see her
any longer, she asked if it was because of C.J. and he said yes. He
didn't want to lie to her, she deserved that much. He looked at his
alarm clock, it was 3am , it wasn't his alarm ringing, it was his phone
that was ringing incessantly. * This better be good.* He picked up the
phone. Yeah. Danny Concannon? Speaking. I'm sorry to call this late, but
I'm calling from Presbe Hospital in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. I found
your phone number in a patients pocket. C.J. Cregg is her name. I was
wondering if you new.. C.J. What hap..Sir you know her then? Yes, What
happened? She and two other women, a Ms. Lucas and a Ms. McGarry, I
suppose you know them as well. Yeah. They were driving on the Capitol
Beltway, and there car was hit head on by an 18 wheeler. * I felt like
the life had been knocked out of me, I couldn't imagine my life without
C.J.*Sir? I'm here. Ms. Lucas was in the back, she has several internal
injuries and in is ICU, she is slipping in and out of consciousness. Ms.
McGarry was in the passenger seat. She has several internal injuries as
well as broken bones. She is in critical condition and is in a comma.
Ms. Cregg was driving she has several severe internal injuries and
injuries to her head. She is in fatal condition and is in a comma as
well. We don't know if there will be permanent damage, we won't know
until she wakes up, if she wakes up. All three women were life flighted
to Pittsburgh. If you could contact Ms. Cregg's family, we're taking
care of alerting Ms. lucas's and Ms. McGarry's family. Sir it took the
jaws of life to get those women out, I'm going to be straight with you,
it will be a miracle if Ms. McGarry and Ms. Cregg survive. I'll call
C.J.'s family and I'll be at the hospital in two hours. 

End of part 1. Presbe Hospital is a real hospital in Pittsburgh don't
own that either, and the name of the hospital is not really Presbe, but
that what pittsburghers call it (which I am one so) don't think I'm
spelling Presbe right either. I think the real name is Presbyterian
Hospital? Comments would be most appreciated.





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