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Danny and Marlena walked through the halls of the hospital to C.J's
room. It was late at night and the silence in the hospital was
deafening. When they reached the room Danny looked over to Marlena, and
she nodded. Slowly he opened the door. 
C.J had her eyes closed as Danny made his was towards the bed. "C.J"
C.J turned her head to look at him and opened her eyes. "Danny" When
she spoke it made his heart ache to hear the strain in her voice, it
sounded like she was in so much pain. Danny took her hand in his and she
squeezed his hand. A lone tear rolled down his cheek, and C.J reached up
and brushed it away with her thumb. "I was so scared I was going to lose
you." Danny said, his voice nearing it's breaking point. "Danny, You'll
never lose me; I know I've been hard on you, and I hurt you when I said
we couldn't see each other because of our work. But I was wrong, I was
so wrong, and I'm sorry. It hurt me so much when I saw you with Audrey.
Danny, I love you, I love you ." C.J said on the verge of tears. As
gently as he could Danny took her in to his arms and whispered in her
ear, " I love you too, I always have, and always will."
The End
That's all for now folks. Hope you enjoyed the story. Comments would be
most appreciated. Sunny 


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