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* * * Adventures in Baby-sitting 3/3 * * *

Danny walked into the kitchen and found CJ staring blankly at a large puddle of water on the floor near the stove. He looked from her, to the pot on the stove, and then back to her. He smiled, "You know, CJ, that water is supposed to go *into* the pot."

CJ turned to him, surprised to see him there. "Danny, what are you doing here? You're the last thing I need right now."

"I told you I was coming."

"Yeah, but I didn't actually believe you. How did you get the address?"

"I told you I have sources that could get me that."

"And what sources would they be?"

Danny grinned, "Actually, I just asked Donna."

CJ ran a hand through her hair, "I'll have to remember to thank her."

Danny nodded and then sat down at the table. He smiled at her, "So where are my milk and cookies?"

"You're kidding, right?"


CJ shook her head at him, "Look, Danny, I am not in the mood. We have been here for a total of," CJ paused and looked down at her watch, "...3 hours, 14 minutes and 5 seconds, and we have already suffered every kid-catastrophe I can think of. I have been hit in the head by a ball, Toby has been thrown up on, Josh has washed a baby with her clothes on and then flooded the basement, Sam is covered in paint and Toby has tracked that same paint all over the house, and I had forgotten about my trying to make macaroni and cheese, so this floor now looks like Lake Michigan!"

Danny nodded, "Chocolate milk."

CJ let out a loud breath and raised her hand to her forehead, "What?"

"I like chocolate milk, not white."

CJ stared daggers at him, "Get out of this kitchen, Danny...Go away."

Danny nodded and got up, "Okay, I'll come back later...I can see this isn't a good time."

"Go," CJ said and Danny left.

* * * * *

Donna sat on the couch, looking at the four children there in front of her. "Well, they look like absolute angels to me."

Toby snickered, "Devils in disguise."

Donna shook her head and walked over to baby Rachel, who now lay in her bassinet. "Look at her, she's absolutely adorable." Donna picked the baby up and then wrinkled her nose, "But she's not smelling so adorable." Donna walked over to Josh and placed the baby in his arms, "I think you need to change her."

Josh shook his head, as he took the baby. "That's where I draw the line. I have cleaned this kid's vomit, I've even sung to her. But I am not about to venture into that diaper and see what surprise she's got waiting for me."

Donna shrugged, "Okay, well, then I guess you'll just have to explain to the President's daughter why her daughter sat in a dirty diaper for hours on end. And then you can explain it again to the President on Monday."

Josh sighed and then smiled down at Rachel, "So, little girl, I think you and I are about to get a whole lot closer."

Rachel giggled, as Josh stood up. Donna smiled at Josh, "I'll help."

Josh looked at Donna with surprise, "And I didn't even have to beg."

Donna laughed, and then she, Josh and the baby walked up to her nursery.

* * * * *

Sam had been following Mallory all over the house, trying not to place his foot any further into his mouth. "Mallory, I swear I haven't seen Laurie in months."

Mallory abruptly turned around, "Oh yeah, then why did you mention her to a six year old?"

"Because they have the same name!...I was just trying to make conversation."

"Tell me, Sam, do you often tell children about the girl you know who used to be a prostitute?" Mallory inquired.

"Only when I read them bedtime stories," Sam joked and then let out a laugh. His mouth snapped shut when he saw that Mallory's jaw was clenched and her arms were crossed over her chest. "Okay, bad joke," he said.

Mallory nodded, with a slight smile. "You know, after I met you for the first time and you acted like a complete fool, I didn't think you could possibly outdo yourself. It seems, however, that you are constantly trying."

"Practice makes perfect," Sam replied, with a grin. He was rewarded with a roll of Mallory's eyes. He spoke softly, "Seems I've done it again."

Mallory tilted her head to the side, "You know, for a guy who writes speeches, puts words in other people's mouths, you sure have a hard time saying the right thing when it comes to expressing yourself."

Sam nodded, as he tried to hide his smile "That's because I speak without the benefit of editing."

Mallory sighed, turned around and walked away from him. Sam groaned, following and calling after her, "Mallory? Come on...Okay, now I hope that gesture was some sort of farewell that I am unfamiliar with...Don't be angry...Please...Mal?"

* * * * *

Toby had been left all alone in the living room with the other three children, even Danny wasn't present since Josh had somehow convinced him to take care of the mess in the basement.

Toby sighed, "So, can you guys do anything besides sit there and stare at me with drool dripping down your chins?"

The kids shrugged, so Toby clapped his hands together, indicating he had an idea. "Okay, then how about we play a game?"

Laurie and Petey jumped up and down excitedly, "Yeah! Let's play 'Candy Land!'"

Toby held up a hand in an attempt to silence them, "No, no, stop jumping...There will be no candy or lands in this game."

Petey and Laurie moaned with disappointment, while Johnny smiled in relief. Toby spoke again, "We are going to play a grown-ups game...Poker, anyone?"

Johnny smiled, "Now, *that's* more like it. Get ready to pay up."

Toby snickered, "Look, Doogie, I've been playing Poker since before you were even a twinkle in God's eye. Don't mess with me."

Johnny only shook his head at Toby with a grin. Toby rubbed his hands together and looked down at the children, "Okay, now you guys need some money to play with. So, go up to your bedrooms and shake those piggy banks until they squeal."

All three nodded and ran upstairs. They soon came back down, their hands filled with change. They placed their piles next to them on the floor. Toby had found cards while they were gone. He looked at them and quickly described the rules of Poker. When he was done, he asked, "Does everyone understand?" Johnny nodded, as Laurie and Petey just stared at him blankly. Toby nodded at them, "I'll take those looks of total bewilderment as a yes...Let's play."

Toby dealt five cards out to each of them and then told everyone to ante up. Laurie and Petey just threw a whole bunch of change on the table, laughing when some of it spilled onto the floor. Johnny, however, carefully considered his hand and then placed a bet of 25 cents.

Toby smiled, "I see your 25 cents and raise you 10 cents."

Johnny grinned, "I see your 35 cents and raise you 15 cents."

Toby nodded, surprised that Johnny seemed to be sticking with the cards he'd been dealt, as was he. They kept playing until the bet was up to a $1.50 and the pot had grown considerably, largely due to Laurie and Johnny throwing all of their money in it and then 'folding'.

Johnny finally said to Toby with a smile, "I call your bluff."

"Okay, little boy, I've got no problem taking your money." Toby grinned and placed his cards down on the table. "Flush...It's kind of fitting, actually, since you just flushed your allowance down the toilet...Beat that, kid."

Johnny smiled and placed his five cards down on the table, "Gladly, Royal Flush."

Toby's eyes widened in shock, "You little...How did you cheat this time, huh? What did Grandpa Bartlet teach you about Poker?" Toby shook his head, "Royal flush...Also fitting since you're a royal pain-in-the-..."

Johnny cut Toby's sentence off, as he pulled all of the money to him. "Grow up, Toby...And when you're done with that, deal."

Toby begrudgingly picked up the cards and began to shuffle them.

* * * * *

CJ had finally finished cleaning the kitchen floor. She was now venturing downstairs to see how Danny was doing with the washing machine. To her dismay, she found him floating in a pool lounge chair, reclined back. The floor was still covered with soapy water. "Danny, what are you doing? I thought you told Josh that you were going to clean this all up?"

Danny shrugged, "And what would you like me to use, CJ? My special evaporating powers?"

"I don't know...Can't you get one of those water vacuums or something?" CJ asked.



"But I'd rather relax in this float...It's like having my very own indoor pool, only with bubbles," he smiled.

"You know what *you're* like, Danny?"

"What?" Danny asked with anticipation.

"You're like having my very own annoying mosquito, that keeps buzzing and buzzing in my ear, until finally I squash it with the palm of my hand," CJ said, smirking.

Danny grinned, "I love it when you talk dirty, CJ."

"Clean this up or get out, Danny. I have no other use for you. You have no real reason for even being here," CJ sternly.

"Now see, that wasn't nice. And to think that when I wrote my story about you guys, I was going to paint *you* in the best light," Danny said.

"No story, just clean this up," CJ said as she began to walk upstairs.

Danny called to her as she left, "And I'm still waiting on those milk and cookies, by the way!"

* * * * *

Donna and Josh had been standing at Rachel's changing table for 30 minutes now, waiting for him to gather the courage to take off her diaper. Donna finally sighed in agitation, "Just do it already!"

Josh held a calming hand up to her, "Don't rush me, Donna. If not done right, this could scar me for the rest of my life."

"Have I told you yet today what a baby you can be?"

"No, and I've missed that," Josh said with a grin.

"Just do it, Josh."

Josh took a deep breath and then began to undo her diaper. When he had finally taken it off of her, his nose wrinkled disagreeably and he turned his face away. "Okay, so it seems that some kind of animal must have crawled into her diaper, died and then exploded."

Donna bit her lip to keep from laughing, as Josh pinched his nose shut. Donna finally spoke, "It's not that bad, Josh."

Josh spoke, his voice nasally from pinching his nose. "Not that bad? Donna, even the diaper's lodging a complaint with Huggies."

Donna laughed, while shaking her head. "Well, you have to keep going. You need to clean her."

Josh sighed and threw the diaper in its proper receptacle. He then opened the tub of wipes and took one out. He smiled at Rachel before he wiped her clean, "Okay, kiddo, now this is going to feel a little cold, but you'll get used to it. And I'm not going to try to distract you by speaking in a stupid baby voice, like other adults insist upon doing. I know you're probably sick of that anyway." Rachel giggled and a gentle smile pulled at Donna's lips. She was genuinely surprised at how good Josh was with Rachel. He kept talking to her, as he wiped, "Believe me, I know how annoying those baby voices can be...I hate it when Donna talks to me like that."

Donna laughed and gave him a light swat on the arm. When Josh was done cleaning her, he took out a new diaper and placed it under Rachel's bottom. He then took out the powder, opened it up and began to shake it over her bottom. "Be careful with this stuff, okay? I once mistakened it for powdered sugar...Two very different things," Josh said with a smirk.

Rachel laughed again, as did Donna. It amazed both Donna and Josh how Rachel always laughed in just the right spots. Josh finished powdering her and then fastened the diaper. He smiled at Rachel, "There you go, little girl, sweet smelling again.

Donna smiled at Josh and then spoke, "Where did you learn to change a diaper like that? I'm quite sure this was your first time."

Josh nodded, "Yeah, you caught me, I was a diaper virgin...I saw how to do it on an episode of 'Full House' once."

Donna laughed, "Well, you did a very nice job." She then added softly, "You're great with her."

Josh nodded, touched by Donna's compliment. Then he grinned, "Well, you know how the Lyman charm works on the ladies...I don't have a fan club for nothing."

Donna smiled, while shaking her head at him.

Josh found an outfit for the baby and began to dress her, while he spoke to Donna. "So what happened to Jerry? Did he decide that hiking could never live up to the first date?" Josh said with a smile.

Donna shook her head, "I don't know what happened. He just never showed up. I called him, but I got his machine. I guess I was stood up."

Josh looked at her and spoke, his voice soft, "You deserve better than him, you know that don't you?"

Donna nodded her head slightly, her eyes focused on him. "Yeah, I do."

* * * * *

Laurie had wandered back into her room, after abandoning the Poker game. She was playing with her dolls on her bed. She smiled when Sam entered and sat down next to her. "You know, it's a lot easier talking to you than it is to a girl with an education past kindergarten."

Laurie nodded, as she brushed her doll's hair. Sam continued, "Take my girlfriend, Mallory, for instance. I made some totally innocent comments and she turned them around on me. I can't win."

Laurie kept nodding at Sam and then she handed him one of her dolls, "Here, let's play dolls...You can't lose at this."

Sam smiled at her, "Believe me, if there's even the slightest possibility of losing at this, I'll find it."

Laurie giggled and Sam picked up a brush. He began to brush her hair, while he examined the doll. Neither of them noticed Mallory poke her head in the door and silently watch them, "Now, this is a lovely doll. I love her ensemble. I especially enjoy the way you've paired the striped shirt, with the checkered pants."

Laurie grinned, "Thanks, Sam."

Sam then placed the doll on its legs and began to move it around, while he talked in a high, squeaky voice. '"I always love how you dress me, Laurie. And I love our trips to the mall. You have the best taste in clothes."

Laurie laughed at Sam's voice. Mallory smiled at Sam, as she shook her head. There was just something about this guy, she thought. She just couldn't stay angry at him for long.

Sam continued being the voice of the doll, "And, Laurie, remember the time my boyfriend said that stupid thing about how he liked brunettes, better than blondes? And how that, like, totally upset me because I am a blonde. Well, you were there for me and you told me that I have to understand that guys will say stupid things because they are guys. But they always mean well. Thank you for reminding me of that."

Mallory entered the room and smiled at Sam, "And thank you for reminding me of that."

Sam feigned surprise, "Mallory, I had no idea you were listening."

"Oh yeah, right. When did you realize it?"

Sam smiled, "I caught a glimpse of your hair around the mall part."

Mallory nodded and sat down next to him. She spoke softly, "I'm sorry I overreacted."

"And I'm sorry that I always say the wrong thing at the wrong time," he replied.

"Not always," she responded with a smile.

She gave him a quick kiss and then glanced at Laurie, who was still playing with her doll. Mallory's eyes danced mischievously, "You're really good with her. I bet you'll be even better with our kids."

Sam swallowed hard and began to stutter, "Kids...Me...You...Us...Kids...When did we have kids?"

Mallory grinned, "Well, we haven't yet, but we will someday. After we get married in a huge ceremony, buy a big house, get a dog, build a white picket fence...Then we'll have 2.3 kids."

Sam gulped, "Okay, I must have blinked and missed something. When did we become engaged, nevermind decide on a dog and a picket fence?"

"Do you mean you don't want to marry me someday, Sam?" Mallory asked with a well-hidden smile.

Sam spoke nervously, "That's not what I said...It's just...I mean, give a guy a chance. You have to remember that I'm slower than most."

"So you're saying you don't want to marry me, that the idea repulses you?"

Sam's face twisted in frustration, "Okay, either I'm speaking another language or you need to brush up on your English...I didn't say that, " Sam paused and then said softly, "The idea far from repulses me, it intrigues me."

A smile spread across Mallory's lips, "Oh, Sam, you can be such a sweetheart."

Sam grinned and nodded, suddenly understanding what Mallory had just done. He decided to turn the tables, "Actually, Mal, the idea intrigues me so much that I think we should fly to Vegas right now and get married. Come on, let's do it."

Mallory looked at him in surprise at first and then spoke calmly, realizing what he'd done, "Okay, let's do it."

Sam swallowed around the lump in his throat, his eyes widening, "What?...Huh? Do what?"

Mallory smiled and shook her head, as she brushed her fingertips across his cheek. "Don't play at my game, Sam, if you're not up to the task."

Sam smiled, understanding dawning on him, "Okay, I see what you did there."

Mallory grinned and then whispered to him, "And never, ever propose to a girl as a joke again. Trust me, it'll only get you in trouble."

Sam smiled and then said softly, "I'll remember that...Although when I do propose, it'll be for real...And knowing the girl the way I do, I'm positive she'll recognize the real deal when it comes around."

Mallory grinned and brought her lips to his in a kiss.

* * * * *

CJ was in the kitchen, once again trying to prepare some macaroni and cheese. She turned around when she heard Petey's voice. "Hey, CJ, look at me!"

CJ's mouth fell open when her eyes landed on the boy's figure. He was covered head to toe in mud. "Petey, what did you do?"

"I rolled around in some mud," he said proudly.

"I can see that. I guess a better question would have been why?"

"Because I'm a pig," he stated matter-of-factly.

"You are now," she said.

"No! I really am a pig!"

"No, you aren't."



"Oink, oink, oink!"

CJ sighed and then turned her head to the side to see where the laughter was coming from that had suddenly filled her ears. It was Danny. He smiled at her. "Geez, CJ, you didn't have to go and dump mud on the kid just to make him look underprivileged...Rags would have sufficed."


"Not that I don't appreciate the gesture."


"It really was very sweet of you."



"I don't want to hear your voice anymore."


"Because I'm afraid what I'll do to you if I hear it again."


"Leave now."

"What about Stinky over there?"

"What about him?"

"Are you just going to let him stay like that?"

"Yes, Danny, I am. I figured that a nice way to surprise the President's daughter would be for her to find her youngest son covered in mud when she came home."

"Really? Because I was going to offer to take him downstairs and let him wade around in the bubbles for a while, clean him up."

"You were?"



"Because I'm a nice guy."

CJ smiled slightly and nodded, "Okay, go ahead."

Danny looked at the little boy, "Come on, Petey, let's have a little fun."

"Danny, be sure to clean up that mess when he's done."

"Yes, ma'am."

"And Danny?"


"If you ever call me ma'am again, I'll make sure that you're never allowed within five hundred feet of the White House for the rest of your career."

"Yes, ma'am," Danny said with a smile and then disappeared with Petey.

CJ could only laugh and collapse into a chair.

* * * * *

Danny had finally managed to clean up the basement with a hydrovac and then had helped Petey change into some dry clothes. An hour or so later, Josh, Donna, CJ, Danny, Sam, and Mallory entered the living room.

They found Toby sitting on the couch, his head in his hands.

"What's the matter with you?" Josh asked.

"Nothing...I just lost about 1 billion dollars to someone who is younger than most of my underwear...That's all," Toby stated bluntly.

"How did you lose money to one of the kids?" Sam asked.

"I challenged Johnny to a game of Poker."

"You what?!" CJ exclaimed.

"Was I not clear, CJ?" Toby asked in irritation.

"I can't believe you, Toby! You actually taught a little boy, the President's grandson no less, how to play Poker?"

"Hey, I didn't teach the kid a thing. He came fully prepared."

"You still played Poker with him."

"And I lost...I've learned my lesson, CJ, don't worry. Never play Poker with a kid who knows how to shuffle cards three different ways," Toby replied.

CJ shook her head, as the rest laughed. Then she spoke to Toby, "Well, where are all of the children now?"

Toby spoke quickly, "I just checked on all of them. Rachel's sleeping in her nursery. Laurie's creating a few more masterpieces, this time using crayons and without Sam as a canvas. Johnny is in his room, probably counting my money and arranging to buy a condo in Florida. And Petey is in the backyard grazing."

CJ's eyes widened, "Toby!"

Toby smirked, "Breathe, CJ, I'm kidding. He's taking a nap in his room. Apparently, that grass can really make you sleepy."

* * * * *

A little while later, Donna, Mallory and Danny went home. The staff fed the children and were now in the process of putting them all to bed.

Toby knocked on Johnny's open door. The boy looked over at him from his place at his desk.

"Lights out in five minutes, okay?"

"Sure, I just have to finish counting *my* money."

Toby smiled, "You're going to be a great lawyer someday, you know that?" CJ had told Toby that his father was a lawyer.

Johnny shook his head, "I don't want to be a lawyer like my dad...I want to be President like my grandpa."

Toby nodded in surprise, "And why is that?"

Johnny spoke with his head down, "Because he gets to work with nice, smart people like you."

Toby smiled and said softly, "Night, kid."

He then closed Johnny's door and a pride-filled grin spread across his lips.


CJ pulled the covers up to Petey's neck. "Goodnight, Petey."



"Did you know that you look like a giraffe?"

CJ smiled, a little chuckle following out of her mouth. "No, I didn't."

"You do, because you're tall and you have a long neck. But you don't have any spots...You should get some spots."

CJ laughed, "I'll keep that in mind, Petey. Goodnight."



"Thanks for taking care of me today...It was nice meeting you."

A gentle smile pulled at CJ's lips, "You're welcome, Petey...It was very nice meeting you, too. Goodnight."

CJ began to leave, when Petey's voice prompted her to turn around.



"I threw the ball," he said in a voice filled with shame.

CJ smiled sweetly and then said softly, "Well, you have quite an arm then. Goodnight."



The boy thought for a moment and then spoke very slowly, "Don't be so hard on Danny...He really is a nice guy...Nice guys give girls fish."

CJ smiled, "Did Danny tell you to say that?"

Danny nodded, "Yeah, but I do think he's pretty cool."

CJ nodded, with a slight smile, "So do I...Goodnight, Petey."

The little boy smiled and said, "Night, CJ."

CJ closed his door, shaking her head as a small smile played across her lips.


Josh placed Rachel on her back in the crib. He smiled down at her, as he rubbed her cheek gently. "I had a very nice time with you today, little girl. I think this was probably the best date I've ever had."

Rachel giggled at him. Josh continued, "I've never had much luck with women. I think it's because they can talk back, so you really are my type."

Rachel smiled, grabbing onto Josh's index finger. "No girl can handle me, except...Nevermind."

Josh tried to remove his finger, but Rachel held on tight. "You want to hear more? Okay, remember that pretty, blonde lady that was here? She's my assistant and about the only woman on this planet who can put me in my place...Well, except for CJ, but she doesn't really count because I give her way too much ammunition."

Rachel's eyes smiled at him, so Josh went on. "Donna's a great woman." Josh paused and then said softly to her, "Do you think I should ask-..."

Rachel's head bobbed up and down, while she made a little gurgling sound. Josh smiled, "I'll take that as a yes...Thanks, babe."

With that, Josh placed a kiss on two of his fingers and touched them to Rachel's cheek, "Sweet dreams."

He then closed the door to the nursery, having gained the courage to do something he'd always wanted to from the best listener he'd ever met.


Sam tucked Laurie into bed and then sat down next to her. "Well, looks like our time together is over, Laurie."

"I had fun today, Sam."

"Me too."

"I have something I want to give you." Laurie pulled the doll that Sam had been playing without from under the covers and handed it to him. "Here, I want you to have this. Her name's Samantha."

Sam smiled at her, "That was very sweet of you to name her after me."

"I didn't. That was the name that came on her box," Laurie said.

Sam blushed, "Oh, my mistake."

Laurie grinned and then said sweetly, "But I call her Sam for short now."

Sam grinned, "Thank you, Laurie...But I can't take your doll. You take care of it for me, okay?"

"Does that mean you're going to baby-sit us again, so you can visit it?" Laurie asked hopefully.

Sam eyes widened and he took the doll from her, "On second thought, I'd better take it with me."

Laurie smiled and nodded, "You know that girl that was here and made you talk all weird?"

Sam nodded, "Yes."

"I like her a lot."

"Me too," Sam said with a smile.

Then Laurie added with a wide smile, "Don't mess it up, Sam."

Sam grinned and nodded, "I'll try my best not to...Goodnight, Laurie."

Laurie waved to him, "Goodnight, Sam."

* * * *

After they put the kids in bed, the staff cleaned up any remaining messes. The house was put back into decent shape, not even a trace of paint could be found anywhere. When they were done, Josh, CJ, Sam and Toby collapsed in exhaustion.

They all fell asleep.

An hour later, the door opened, revealing Valerie, her husband, the President and the First Lady. The President had insisted on seeing how his staff had done, so he'd returned with them.

He smiled at what he saw.

On one couch, lay CJ. Her body was sprawled across it and a cold compress sat on her forehead. Toby lay on another couch, the bottom half of his body hanging off of it so that his feet touched the floor. Josh was leaning his body against the coffee table. His head was tilted and he had a small stream of drool strolling down his chin. Sam looked as if he had started out in the same position as Josh, sitting beside him, but had somehow moved during his sleep. Now his head lay on Josh's shoulder. The President wondered why Sam looked like a drag queen who had applied 'her' makeup without a mirror...It seemed they'd forgotten to clean up one thing.

The President knew he shouldn't, but he just couldn't resist. He placed two fingers between his lips and let out a shrill whistle.

Four pairs of eyes immediately opened and then groans followed out of their mouths.

Josh looked over at Sam and then carelessly pushed his head off his shoulder, "Get off of me."

Sam rubbed at his eyes, as straightened his neck. The staffers all stretched and then stood up. They stood before the President, looking utterly pathetic. Their hair was a mess, their clothes disheveled with various stains, and their eyes were barely open.

The President grinned, "You guys look like crap."

"Thank you, sir," they all said sardonically, a few muttered through yawns.

"It looks like my grandkids put you guys to the test. But you looked like you survived...Barely...Do you have anything to say?"

Toby nodded, "Yes, I would just like to say that I'd rather scrub the floors of every bathroom in the White House with a toothbrush than to ever have to baby-sit these kids again."

The others nodded and responded in unison, "Yeah, definitely."

The President smiled at them, "Ah, you can't fool me. I know you guys enjoyed these kids. I'm sure there's some stuff you'd rather forget, but I know you had a good time with them."

The staffers shrugged and then offered reluctant nods. The President continued, "Most of all though, I hope you learned a valuable lesson in teamwork. I would like to hear what each of you learned here today, regarding teamwork or otherwise."

"I learned that when left unsupervised Josh, Sam and Toby will make quite a mess," CJ said.

"I learned that baby's have the power to produce some of the most foul-smelling stuff imaginable," Josh stated.

"I learned to never agree to anything that involves the words: 'no shoes and socks' and 'toe-painting,' " Sam replied.

"And I learned to always hold a baby so that it's mouth is facing outward, and to never, ever play a game with a kid who's got a grandpa with the last name Bartlet, " Toby responded with a smirk.

The President smiled, "Immortal Rebels or Poker, Toby?"

"Both, sir."

"That's my boy," the President chuckled.

He then continued, "Well, I was hoping you all would have learned some more important lessons, but I guess I'll just settle for you being taken down by a bunch of kids, especially since those kids are related to me. Okay, go home. I'll see you Monday and you better look a helluva lot better than this. Your attitudes towards each other better have improved, too."

Josh smiled and nodded, "I think I speak for us all when I say we appreciate each other a lot more now and we just about *adore* our jobs."

With that, they all filed past the Bartlets, while giving sympathetic, yet somehow envious smiles to the O'Neils as they passed.

The President grinned at his family, "Those people who just left here looking like they'd been hit by a train, help me run this country. They could barely handle four kids and they help me run a nation...Go figure."

The President laughed and his family joined him.

Once outside, Toby declared to the rest in an unconvincing tone, "I'm never having kids. They're too much work."

"Yeah, me neither," CJ said in a similar tone.

"I agree," Josh replied, with same tone as the others.

But Sam shook his head with a grin, "Oh, I am, 2.3 in fact...Plus a dog and a white picket fence."

Toby, Josh and CJ erupted into laughter and just shook their heads at him. Toby spoke with a smile, "If you don't need that extra 0.3, Sam, I'll take it...I think I could handle 0.3 kids."

The others laughed and then continued on their way.

One thought, however, floated through their minds as they dispersed: Children have a wisdom that goes beyond their years and can bring joy to the hardest of hearts.

***************************************THE END*********************************************** 

Please let me know what you thought, I'd really appreciate it! Thanks for reading this story! I hope you enjoyed it, I had great time writing it.

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