Hello all! It's been a long time since I've posted anything. Actually, I think this may even be the first time I've posted a story to the general West Wing Fanfic list rather than just the Josh/Donna list. What can I say, I know my genre. Anyway, I just haven't had much time, I haven't even been able to respond to stories I've liked over the past little while. University really does suck the joy out of everything. Anyway, I'm done my little spiel, and I'm gonna get back to work now. Hopefully I'll have this finished sometime today. Bye all!


Did You Know (1/2)

by SarahK

Spoilers: Pretty much season 2, up to this point, particularly The Lame Duck Congress Category: Josh/Donna, so non-shippers, feel free to read on, but turn back if it's going to offend you. Feedback: Positive feedback is welcome to the list or to me personally, I listen to flames, but I'm likely to tell you where to shove it, so let's just not go there. Archive: Just let me know.


"I feel used."

Josh Lyman looked up at his assistant who stood in his office doorway. "Yeah, well, what else is new?"

Donna Moss looked hurt. "You don't care that I feel used? You don't mind using me?"

"Not particularly, no." Josh replied, still focused on the memo he was reading.

"Are you even listening to me?"

"In a manner of speaking."


Josh finally looked up, surprised to see that Donna didn't look entirely happy. What was that in her eyes? It looked almost like pain.

"The White House and Congress are exempt! I can't believe that. The staff of the White House is not important."

"Sure you are. Just, you know, repetitive stress injuries?"

"Josh, what if I had carpal tunnel syndrome?"

"I'd probably have to put up with your complaining more-"

"Thanks a lot, Josh," replied Donna, turning and storming out of his office.

*Damn.* thought Josh. He knew he had gone too far. This was an issue that Donna was concerned about, and he had belittled her for her efforts. Truthfully, he admired her whenever she found a cause, and he really did listen as she spouted off information that to most people would be completely meaningless. It had become part of their daily routine, a part that Josh knew he couldn't get along without. When Josh had been in the hospital, Donna had been there to entertain him with inane trivia and useless facts. During his recovery, she had kept him informed of the happenings at the White House, and she had been there all the time to help him in every way as he regained his strength. Donna had more value to him than she knew, more than he was even willing to admit to himself.

Josh sighed, and glanced at his calendar. Seeing the day's entry, he groaned inwardly. *Stupid!* he thought. There it was, in big red letters, and he had forgotten: Donna's birthday. It was time to rectify that mistake.



Did You Know - 2




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