Okay, I decided this is going to be three parts, not two. Sorry for the confusion. And I may not get to finish part three immediately, but it'll show up sometime...

Oh, things I forgot to put in the first part: Disclaimer: They're not mine, never will be, etc, etc. Aaron Sorkin is god. The end. My e-mail: drama_queen_02@hotmail.com

Okay, and everything else is in part 1.


Did You Know (2/3)

by SarahK


Donna sat at her desk, staring at her computer screen as she absently massaged her wrists. She barely noticed as Josh entered the bullpen and stood behind her. "What do you want, Josh?" she asked.

Josh held out Donna's coat to her. "Let's get out of here."

Donna looked up at him, questioningly. "Are you serious? It's early."

"Yeah, but I've got nothing else to do today, therefore neither do you, and you know, I really don't think you saw yourself spending your birthday at the office, sitting in front of the computer."

Donna looked at him, her eyes shining slightly. "I thought you'd forgotten."

"Who, me? Never."

"Right, so it's not like you just happened to check your calendar or anything," replied Donna, smiling.

"Hey, what do you want from me? At least I figured it out!"

Donna stood, and Josh helped her into her coat.

"Oh, by the way, happy birthday," said Josh, holding out a wrapped package.

Donna looked at him a moment, and unwrapped it. She opened the box, and pulled out her gift. "You got me a wrist brace?" she asked Josh, looking amused.

"Well, you know, I don't want to worry about you suffering after those long days of.all those secretarial things you do-"

Donna cut him off by swatting him on the arm. "Thank you Josh. It's nice to know you care."

"I do care about you, Donna. More than you know," he replied softly.




Did You Know - 3




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