"Shattered Silence" 
by Sarah 

Donna Moss entered her apartment and tossed her keys on the coffee table. She 
collapsed, exhausted, on the couch and searched for the remote control. It had been her 
first afternoon off in a long time, and she had spent the last part of it jogging along the 
Potomac, an activity she had been promising herself for a while. 

Donna found the remote control wedged in behind one of the 
couch cushions, and flipped on the TV. She mustered the last of her energy to stand and 
go into the kitchen to pour herself a glass of water. 
*Josh will be calling any minute now* she thought. 
Josh Lyman, the White House Deputy Chief of Staff and Donna's boss,had been at the 
President's Town Hall meeting that evening, and would no doubt be calling her to recount 
the details of the event. 

Walking back to the living room, Donna grabbed the afghan she kept on the back of the 
chair in her hallway and wrapped it around her shoulders, intending to settle in and 
maybe catch a late-night TV movie. As she entered the living room, her intentions 
slipped her mind as she stared at the story unfolding on the screen. 

"Moments ago, shots were fired as the President and his 
entourage were leaving the meeting..." 

The reporter was replaced by a picture of the scene, and Donna no longer heard what was 
being said as she scanned the crowd for Josh... 

Donna arrived at the crime scene and parked her car on the 
street near the yellow tape blocking off the area. She practically sprinted toward the scene 
of the shooting, where her path was blocked by several FBI agents. 

"Ma'am, I'm sorry, but this is a federal crime scene. No 
one is allowed to enter." 

"But I'm- I work for- Oh, God!" Donna couldn't find the 
words, as she saw a body covered with a white sheet on a stretcher being loaded into an 
ambulance. There were several other ambulances, as well as police cars, and nondescript 
cars that Donna recognized as 
CIA fleet sedans. Donna still could not see any of her co-workers, or the president's car. 
The scene was overwhelming. Donna returned to her car and leaned against the door, 
shaking in fear. She tried futilely 
to wipe the tears from her eyes, tears which would not stop flowing. 
*Josh...* was her only thought. 

Suddenly, there was a hand on her shoulder. Donna looked up,and was staring right into 
the eyes of Josh Lyman. His hair was disheveled, and he had several tears in his shirt and 
jacket, but otherwise, he looked okay. 

"I knew I'd find you around here somewhere," Josh said, his 
voice choked with emotion. 

"Josh, I can't believe it...You're okay?" Donna asked. 

"I'm okay...A few civilians were wounded?? was 

"Oh, God. Is the president...and the others?" 

"Everyone's fine. Fortunately. They caught the perpetrators,and...."Josh was cut off as 
Donna wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and sobbed against his shoulder. He 
understood how she felt. 
He was pretty shaken up himself, but tried not to show it outwardly as He had helped to 
deal with the aftermath of the shooting. He returned Donna's embrace, holding her 
trembling form close to him. There were tears in his eyes too, even as he raised her head 
and brushed hers 
away with his thumbs 

"I'm sorry, I-" attempted Donna, embarrassed at having acted so unprofessionally. He 
was, after all, her boss as much as her friend. 

"It's okay. We're okay," replied Josh, pulling her back 
into his arms and resting his chin on the top of her head. They stood there for what 
seemed like an eternity, amidst the chaos surrounding them, clinging to the only thing 
that mattered: each other. 



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