"Do you think it'll be weird?" Donna asked as she stepped out of the
bathroom, rubbing her wet hair with a towel.

"Do I think what'll be weird?" Josh asked absently without looking away
from the TV. He was sprawled on Donna's bed watching CNN.

"Work," Donna said, throwing her towel at Josh to get his attention.

"Do I think work will be weird?" he asked, pulling the wet towel away from
his face.

"Yeah. Do you think it'll be weird now that we're...you know?"

"You mean now that we're doing this," Josh said playfully, pulling Donna
onto the bed with him and showering her with kisses.

"Yes," Donna giggled as his lips tickled her neck. "Josh, I'm serious."

"No, I don't think it will be weird," Josh said, brushing Donna's hair back
from her face. "I think it will be fine."

"I hope so, because everyone knows..."

"Don't worry about it. So does this mean you'll bring me coffee now?"

"No, it means I expect you to bring me coffee."

"Oh boy. What am I getting myself into?"

"It's not too late to change your mind."

"No way." Josh glanced over at the clock radio on the bedside table. "I
gotta run so I can change clothes before work."

"All right," Donna sighed.

"I'll see you in a little while," Josh said, kissing Donna one last time
before he left.

"Good morning, Donna," Ginger said mischievously as she saw Donna walking
towards her desk.

"Morning, Ginger," Donna said, blushing.

"I heard you had a pretty good time at the DNC Gala."

"Word travels fast around this place."

"What else are we gonna do but gossip about each other? It's not like any
of us have lives. Except you, apparently. Anyway, I just wanted to say
congratulations," Ginger said, giving Donna a quick hug. "You deserve it,

"Thanks," Donna said as Ginger headed back to her desk.

Donna noticed that Josh's office was still dark as she settled in at her
desk and started up her computer. She read over Josh's schedule for the
day, then spun around to get some files out of the cabinet behind her.

When she turned back there was Starbucks cup full of steaming hot coffee
sitting in the middle of her desk. Donna looked over at Josh's office and
saw that the light was on now.

Smiling, Donna grabbed Josh's appointment book and headed into his office
to go over his appointments for the morning.






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