Just Outside
Category: First Season Finale Resolution
Rating: I'd give it a PG-13, but my friend gave it an R so....
Summery: The President learns of someone else at GW one year after the shooting.

I've done many stupid things in my life.


"What is this?" Bartlet yelled at Leo, putting the Washington Post on Leo's desk.

"The Washington Post." He answered.


But its right there. Why can't I get in?


"Then what is this here in the front saying Secret Service Agents didn't allow a critically wounded patient into the ER at GW while I was there?"

"We're looking into it sir."


I can feel the blood on my lip. Why can't I get in. Shit. Just let me in. I'm Dying! I scream. But it's just drowned out.


"Damn it, Leo. This kid is dead. He did nothing to hurt us yet we let him die in a parking lot. The reporters didn't even try to help him."

"He was stabbed after trying to steal some drugs."


I'll just sit down here for a li'le bit. Get my stregth back. Then I'll
just push dem shits outa my way. I lean against a highway divida'. In the middle of da parkin' lot! Ha! Talk abo' funny. Wish I cou' ge' some help. I' jus' close ma eyes, jus' fuh a seco'. Gah tha' hur's. I do'n wanna die.


"So? He's dead Leo. Because someone decided that my being alone in a hospital was more important then letting some kid live. He choked on his own blood Leo. Alone. In the middle of a hospital. HOSPITAL parking lot."

"I know sir. I read the article. And as I said, we're looking into it."

"What is the Secret Service saying so far?"

"That they are looking into it."

"Bullshit, they're gunna bury this story."


Turns out that it is true. Well, for me any ways. But your life doesn't take that long to flash back through when your 15 though.
Running past the allies to get to school
Getting hit by that bat in 2nd grade
The first time I took a hit
The 90 days in Juvenile
6th grade.
Then 6th grade again.
My last day of school, when I was 13.
Trying to get those drugs from DiMarco.
The pain.
Guess I wasn't an angel after all. Maybe my mom was right. Shame I see that now. 2 hours too late. Hell, not even that. 1 hour.


Leo's expression softened. "I know sir. And there's isn't much we can do. I doubt they'll talk about their procedures. Even to you.

Bartlet thought about that for a second. "I need to do something. I don't care if this is blamed on, Ron Buterfield, the agents guarding the doors, or even me. I want you to figure out why this happened."

"Yes sir."


"And in Washington today, President Bartlet paid a visit to South East DC to see Deborah Grace, mother of the boy who died of stab wounds at GW hospital where the President himself was being treated. Said the President 'We live in a time where it seems that one more murder is nothing. No matter who you are or what kind of life you life, no one deserves this...' "

Bartlet turned of the TV before he could hear the rest of his speech.

"Leo, I didn't do anything. I simply told everyone what they already knew."

"Yes, sir. But when you say you want to help. People listen a lot closer."

"So what happens. DC no longer has the highest murder rate? Then its LA or New York or Boston. It just goes on and on."

"Well sir, DC is a good place to start as any."

"Yeah, lets get started."

Note: This story started in my head much nicer. Then it became 3AM and One More Murder came up on my CD player and my mood got much darker. Trust me, I'm a much happier person then this.

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