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"How long have you been there?" Toby demanded of the red-haired reporter.

"Not long" Danny stammered. "I wanted to see CJ."

"Sheís a little busy right now," Toby said.

"Itís okay, Toby." CJ interrupted. "Hi Danny. What do you need? I am going to brief the press in a few minutes."

"Uh, thatís actually what I wanted to talk to you about." Danny moved further closer to CJ despite Tobyís warning glare. "There are a couple of newbies in there from our sister papers in Dallas and Seattle. Throw them a bone, will you? Theyíre young and a feather in their caps wonít hurt."

"If I can Danny." CJ replied, not really buying his explanations.

"Anything else?" Toby prompted, wishing the reporter would return to his rock.

"Uh no. Iíll see you in the briefing." Danny started to walk away. "Oh, CJ, is the whole staff in?"

CJ stiffened. "Yeah. Why?"

Danny shrugged. "No one has seen Josh. Just wondering." The reporter turned and walked towards the briefing room.

CJ and Toby looked at each other. They retreated back into CJís office. "He knows." Toby said.

"Or at least suspects," CJ agreed.

"This is bad."

"I know. Iíd better tell Leo." CJ picked up the phone and began to dial.


Friends and Lovers- Grace Under Pressure - 11



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