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In the White House residence, Sam Seaborn helped the First Lady settle Donna in a guest room then returned headed back to the West Wing. After Seaborn left, the First Lady ordered some herbal tea for Donna. "Chamomile. It will help you sleep."

Donna nodded. "Okay, but promise you will wake me if . . "

"I will Donna, I promise." Abigail Bartlett smiled and patted Donnas hand.

"Mrs. Bartlett, thank you for doing this, " Donna said.

"Its my pleasure. Josh is special to the President and to me. So are you. It would not do at all for him to come home and find wed neglected you."

Donna smiled sadly. "I guess he does care. Im really surprised he talked to Sam."

"Care?" Abigail looked at Donna incredulously. "Donna, Josh Lyman is head over heels for you. He has been since . . well since the shootings."

Donna did not look convinced. "I thought so. I really did, and I was willing to wait. I mean, wed decided to take it slow until after the election. This baby kind of surprised both of us, but I want it so much. I really do."

Abigail began to see a connection. "Donna, you dont think Josh is entirely happy about this pregnancy, do you?"

Donna remained silent for a moment, then replied bitterly. "Well, he asked me if its his, so Id say no hes not entirely happy."


Friends and Lovers- Grace Under Pressure - 13



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