begin flashback--

For both Donna and Josh, the revelation of her pregnancy held difficult memories. Donna had not been feeling well for a couple of weeks. Shed been certain it was the flu that had been running rampant through the West Wing, but when she fainted before breakfast one morning two weeks ago, Josh made her see a doctor. He knew he would be leaving for England in a couple of days and wanted to be sure that Donna was okay.

When Donna called and said she was going home instead of coming back to work, Josh was worried. He asked her to go to his place. She agreed and Josh left work early telling Leo he needed to pack.

At his condo, Josh found Donna sitting in the dark, her shoes off and her legs covered by a light throw that generally hung on the back of the chair. He closed the door behind him and sat next to her on the sofa, a sense of foreboding filling him.

"Donna?" Shed looked up at him, her face pale and her eyes bright with tears. "What is it sweetie? Talk to me - please."

Donna took a big breath. "I saw the doctor like you asked. She ran several tests."

"Something is really wrong, isnt it? I just had a bad feeling." Josh moved to take her in his arms but she shrugged out of them. "Donna, whatever is wrong we can handle it together."

"Josh - Im not sick. Im pregnant. Im going to have a baby." Donnas voice was barely a whisper.

Josh felt as if hed been hit by a truck. He tried to process what shed said. Shes pregnant, he thought. Shes having a baby? She not we? Suddenly Donnas wording seemed important. Without thinking Josh blurted, "Is it mine?"

Donna leapt from the sofa an whirled on him. "How dare you ask me that, Joshua Lyman! Of course its yours! You know you have been the only person in my life since...since since." Furious, Donna began to sputter. She would not tell him hed been the only one for her since theyd met. She would not.

Josh quickly jumped to his feet and moved towards her as if to embrace her. She side-stepped him. "Donna, Im sorry," he said. "You said you were having a baby not we - I just . . oh hell I dont know. It was stupid okay?"

"No kidding," Donna spat back, no willing to let her anger go.

"Come on Donna, lets talk about this." Josh tried to think of the most supportive thing he could. "What are you going to do?"

"What am I going to do? Me? How about what are we going to do? You were there for conception, pal." Donna was shouting now. She had not envisioned this.

"Donna - please. I just meant I would never force you to do anything you didnt want." Josh sank back to the sofa and buried his head in his hands. Somehow this was coming out all wrong.

Seeing Josh crumble softened Donnas voice, but she was still angry. "Ill tell you one thing Joshua Lyman. I am having this baby. You have to decide if we are having it or not. If you cant do this, I can be mother and father, but know there is no going back from that choice. We will not be waiting for you when you are ready."

Josh stared at her. He loved her, but everything just seemed so wrong. He did not know what to say. "Please Donna, I just need time. Maybe after my trip . . ."

Donna grabbed her purse. "Okay Josh, take time. I am going home. Go to England. Enjoy you vacation." She headed towards the door.

"Donna" he called. "Ill call you. Well talk when I get back. I promise."

Josh heard the door slam behind her and sank back to the sofa.


Friends and Lovers- Grace Under Pressure - 14



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