Here is part 5. Enjoy.

Suddenly Donnaís eyes flew open. "Josh," she cried, glancing wildly from side to side. Recognition dawned in her eyes as she took in the faces around her. "Its true? I didnít dream it?"

Leo knelt beside Abigail Bartlett. "Its true Donna, Iím sorry. We just donít know anymore."

"How do you feel, dear?" the first lady asked.

"Okay I think - I just - what happened?"

"You fainted, " Sam said, his voice tight. He wondered how much more he should say. He made eye contact with Donna and she realized he knew her secret.

"Iím okay," she said, attempting to move into a seated position.

"Whoa!" Leo said.

"Easy!" the first lady cautioned.

"Donna!" Sam echoed.

Stopped by the protests, Donna remained in a half seated position. Jeb Bartlett moved closer to the blonde assistant. "Young lady," he intoned. "I am the president. I am your boss. I am going to give you an order. Is that clear?" Donna nodded. "You are to do everything my wife says. You are not to move until she tells you. When she says you are ready, you may get up. We will get you a car. Someone will take you home and you will rest. Josh will kill all of us if he comes back and you are not well. Is that clear?"

"Yes sir, " Donna squeaked. "But . . No Sir."

"Excuse me?" The president asked.

"I mean yes sir I will listen to Mrs. Bartlett, but no sir I wonít go home. I canít. When we hear...when word comes, it will be here. I need to be here. For Josh."

"Donna" Sam started, looking at his friend. "Please. Go home. Josh will kill me."

"Sam, Iím fine. I promise." Donnaís eyes begged Sam to understand, to help her.

"Donna," Sam shook his head. "You need to rest. Please. For me. For Josh. For . . " Sam stopped. It just wasnít his secret to tell.

"Donna" Abigail Bartlett interrupted. "You are going home. You are going to take a sedative and you are going to sleep. You will not do anyone any good if you fall on your face."

"No sedatives! Absolutely not." Donna voice was edged in panic.

"Donna, calm down." Leo said. He knew Joshís assistant was excitable, but heíd never seen her this unraveled.

Donna struggled to stand, but fell back weakly, a wave of nausea passing through her. "Sam," she said. "I think I am going to be sick." Sam grabbed the trashcan next to the sofa just as Donnaís dinner made a re-appearance.



"Easy, Donna!" Sam held the can beneath her head as Abby attempted to hold her hair back. Jed and Leo looked on feeling powerless. After several moments, Donna slumped against the cushions pale and drained.

"Okay," Abby immediately took over. "What is going on?" She eyed Sam then Donna. "I have a feeling I know and somebody better explain immediately or I will personally take this young woman to a hospital and run a blood test. Do I need to do that Sam?"

"No," Sam said, unable to meet the first ladyís steely gaze. "Donnaís pregnant."

Everyone in the room stared at Donna, who looked hard at Sam then closed her eyes and slumped back against the pillows.

Sliding to the floor, his head in his hands, Sam leaned back against the sofa. "Josh is gonna kill me."


Friends and Lovers- Grace Under Pressure - 6



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