As events played out in Leoís office, CJ Cregg and Toby Ziegler worked frantically in her office to prepare a statement for the press. Toby looked at his friend, marveling at her ability to do her job and do it well under trying circumstances. "CJ?"

""Yea?" the woman said without looking up from her index cards.

"If anyone can do this you can."

CJ stared at Toby, moved by his uncharacteristic support and praise. "You think so? God I hope so! A manís life is at stake Toby! I canít control what they say or print. I canít I just have to hope I have some influence." CJ fought to control a sense of panic. Josh was one of her closest friends - her best male friend really. It wasnít the bad boy camaraderie he shared with Sam. It was a deeper, more adult friendship. She trusted him. He trusted her. "God," she thought. "Donít let me let him down." To Toby she said. "Whatever passes by me will be kept under wraps if its within my power. Its what doesnít that scares me."

Toby nodded. "At least Delta can only confirm what it knows and we did not tell them that Josh Lyman is one of ours."

Suddenly CJ smacked herself in the forehead. "Delta! Of course I am an idiot." CJ jumped up from her desk and ran into the hallway with a confused Toby close at her heels.


Friends and Lovers- Grace Under Pressure - 7



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