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Back in Leoís office, the Chief of Staff, the President, and the first lady all stared at Sam Seaborn.

"What did you just say?" Leo asked, his voice a hoarse whisper.

Donna opened her eyes. "He said Iím pregnant Mr. McGarry and I am. Though why he said it and how he knows are questions I cannot answer."

"I see." Leo said, eyes now focused on Sam.

The younger man looked up at his bosses then over at Donna. "I said it because Iím worried about you Donna. I donít want anything to happen to you."

Leo nodded. "Neither do any of us. However, if I may be indelicate, who is the father? Sam?"

Sam jumped up from the floor. "Hell no! I mean... oh hell . . Donna I didnít mean it that way."

"Itís okay Sam." Donna smiled for the first time. "Itís Joshís baby. I told him just before he left, and we decided to keep it quiet until we could make some decisions. Which does not explain how Sam knows."

All eyes once again focused on the deputy communications director. Sam sighed. "Josh told me. He wanted me to watch out for Donna while he was gone. I wasnít supposed to let you know."

"He asked you to do that?" Donna asked, clearly shocked.

"Of course he did, Donna. He loves you." Sam stared at the young woman, a perplexed look on his face.

"Sometimes I am not so sure," Donna whispered.

Abigail Bartlett cleared her throat. "Well, while I am as surprised as everyone in this room, I think I can safely say that this pregnancy is a private issue and no one will say anything. Am I right?"

All the men in the room nodded and Donna smiled gratefully. Abigail continued, "However, your condition adds even more urgency to my earlier instructions. You need to go home and rest. For yourself and your child."

"I will rest," Donna said. "I promise, but I canít go home. I just canít."

"Donna," both Leo and the President began, but were interrupted by the assistantís continued pleading.

"Please, " she said. "Mrs. Bartlett, if it was the President could you leave?"

Abigail stared at the younger woman. Their eyes locked and they shared a moment of perfect understanding. Abigail nodded. "Okay Donna, you win."

"Abby," exclaimed both the President and Leo.

"Donít start," Abigail Bartlett warned. "Donna, I am going to take you upstairs to the residence and you are going to rest. Leo and the President will call us if there is any word. They will call us every hour or so even if there is not anything to report. In turn you promise to stay calm and do as I tell you."

Donna nodded. Abigail looked at her husband and Leo. "Agreed?" She asked. Both men nodded. Abby stood. "Do you think you can make it?" she asked Donna.

"Yes míam." Donna replied and began to stand. Sam quickly helped her to her feet and supported her while she got her legs back under her.

"Sam why donít you help Mrs. Bartlett take Donna upstairs?" Leo asked. Sam nodded and all three slowly exited, closing the door behind them.


Friends and Lovers- Grace Under Pressure - 10



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