I Know What You Did Last Sagittarius

By: Donna Moss


Spoilers: Any Ainsley or MS episodes


Rating: PG, for a little bit of gore, and a mild bit of using the Lord's Name in vain.


Genres: Comedy/Parody/Drama/Romance J/D, CJ/T, S/A, J/K, and a little bit of L/M, and Je/Ab.


Disclaimer: I do not own these characters, they are not mine, they are Aaron Sorkin's, Thomas Schlamme's, and John Wells'. I am a poor 8th grader; if you sue me, you won't get anything out of it, trust me.


Warning!: Beware Danny shippers, this is NOT for you! Angst warning, but not of a major character.


Author's Note: This is an interactive fanfic, I really don't know where I'm going with this so I thought I'd let you decide. Yes, you. The Readers. Don't you feel special? Thank You to Kristie, for opening up her new site, so I decided now was the time to post, and Jessica, who read this with a minimal amount of laughing. It's my first fanfic, so no flames, but please review, Donna_j_Moss@hotmail.com. Thanks, and on with the show.


Sam was nervous as he patrolled the basement door.

"Where's Ron, why can't he do this? I'm not a darn secret service agent.", He thought.

The darkness surrounding him made him uncomfortable, come to think of it, the silence too.

"It's really quiet, I mean lost the signal on Galileo quiet. Why can't it be this quiet all the time? I'm sure we'd get a lot more work done, especially in the Communications Bullpen."

Then again, it wasn't so quiet after all; Sam thought he heard distant footsteps. His hand instantly flew, seemingly without reason, to the inside pocket of his brand new Armani suit coat. He saw a member of the White House Press Corps approach.

"Hey, you're not supposed to be down here." Sam warned.

"No kidding, who's in the old photo room?" He replied, not heeding the warning. "Nobody of interest to you.", Sam warned again, getting nervous.

As Sam realized what was in the inside pocket of his coat, the reporter advanced. At 11:52 p.m., Sam Seaborn, C.J. Cregg, Toby Ziegler, Joshua Lyman, Donna Moss, & Kenny Thurman heard a shot ring out in the otherwise quiet night.

**Chapter 2**

They went out, one-by-one to investigate.

"Oh My God! DANNY!" C.J. screamed.

She tried everywhere to take his pulse, his neck, his wrist, even his thumb, but alas, She couldn't and finally broke down, crying. In the meantime, the others came out. Toby came out, seemingly without a reaction, as if he had seen this kind of thing millions of times before. He did, however see C.J., and went over to her, to try and calm her down. By now she was in hysterics.

Then Josh came out. He took one look at Danny, and closed his eyes, remembering the panic, confusion, worried looks, and of course, total and utter chaos, of Rosslyn. Then he remembered Donna, though. He turned around just in time to try and stop her from getting out and seeing Danny, but Donna Moss is impervious, and she got through. She screamed, and fainted. Josh caught her in time, and dragged her off to one side.

Then Joey came out, not because she had heard the gunshot, but because Kenny had signed, "I think I heard something.", and of course, everyone else was going out. She didn't take it as badly as the others, probably because she didn't know Danny, but she let out a sort of strangled scream, and walked off to the side, followed by Kenny.

Then they heard another scream. It took them a while to realize that it was not one of theirs. They looked over, and saw a small frame bent over at the end of the hallway.

**Chapter 3**

"Ainsley?" Sam Shouted to the small figure, now swaying back and forth on the spot, as if she couldn't decide if she was going to tip over, or not.

He ran over to her, she was crying. He searched for an explanation, but found he couldn't find one, that didn't make him look like a cold-blooded murderer, which in his mind, he thought he was.

"I uh, I heard the um shot, (choking back another tear) and I um came here...Oh Sam!"

She broke down crying like a baby into Sam's arms. She did not care how she looked, though; she still couldn't get over the sight.

Sam tried to calm her down, but the whole time, he was thinking of the scene she walked in upon. All the ladies crying, all the men trying to act as knights in shining armor, comforting the ladies, and Danny, lying there, in a small pool of blood, with a bullet wound to his head. And as though a light flashed on in his head, he suddenly understood why, even though neither she nor Joey knew Danny, they had reacted that way.

Sam was thinking about her reaction, as Josh thought" We have to do something about the body, if Abby, Leo, Hoynes, or even the President walked in now, they wouldn't take it as good as Ainsley."

**Chapter 4**

"Guys, we have to do something about the body." Josh implied.

"Guys? Hello? QUIET!" Josh bellowed.

At the time, with all the chaos, he didn't realize Donna was still in his arms, he sincerely apologized for yelling so loudly in her ear. Now he had their attention.

"Guys, I hate to break up all this fun we're having, but we have to do something about the body."

C.J. thought it was very rude of him to call him, the body. He was annoying, and of course, he was dead, but still, did he have to say the body?

"If Abby, Leo Hoynes, or even the President walked in on us now, they wouldn't break down and cry, they wouldn't yell at us, they would explode." Josh pointed out matter-of-factly.

Toby thought of the possibilities. Then they heard a male voice speak up, it was Kenny "Joey has an idea."

**Chapter 5**

"First, we have to get rid of the body, then we have to do something about the carpet, fast, and we also have to do something about the wall." Kenny translated.

It was then that they noticed the small bullet hole in the cement wall, a little below eye level.

It was then that Sam finally spoke up." I could get some sponges and a bucket from the Mess." Sam managed to stutter out.

"Now we're talking, but first, everyone in this room has to promise that they will never, EVER speak of the events that happened in the past hour, or in the hours to come, to anyone." Kenny translated, yet again.

Everyone complied with this new oath, except for Sam. They all found that very ironic.

"I could tell them it was all my fault, I could turn myself in, and you guys wouldn't be in any trouble for helping me out." Sam suggested.

"I will certainly not have you rot in jail for the rest of your life, Samuel Norman Seaborn!" Ainsley protested. She was hysterical, they all protested.

"We'll all help." C.J. suggested.

"Well, we can't exactly bury him in the Rose Garden, and it's nearing one o'clock, so we only have about 6 hours of daylight left. Donna suggested, choking back tears.

**Chapter 6**

"Well, obviously nowhere in Washington D.C. My f-friends have this place in um New Jersey, it's in front of a forest, and it's in a small town that not many people l-live in, it might work." Sam was surprised at the way he sounded.

"We could get there in about 3 hours, if we hurry." Sam added.

"Now we need a plan. Team A will stay here, and work on the carpet and wall, and Team B will go to New Jersey and bury Danny." Joey replied.

"Any volunteers?" Toby chimed in.

"Donna and I will go to A, I wasn't always a savvy political operative, you know, I used to work in my Father's drywall business." Josh nervously laughed.


"I'll be B." Sam answered.

"Kenny, Joey?" Toby asked.

"I'll be in B, but Toby's want to be in A." Kenny asked, a little confused.

"I'll be fine reading lips for a while." Joey got out with some effort.

"How about all the Men in B, and the Women in A, I don't know about you, but I know for a fact Josh was in no way, shape or form, involved in this so called drywall business, his dad was a lawyer, remember?" Toby informed them all. Somewhat confused as to why Josh had said that.

"He can't hang up a picture straight". Donna cracked a hint of a smile.

"I'll be in A." It was Ainsley, they had almost forgotten about her.

"OK, let's move 'em out, men." Toby "commanded".



**Chapter 7a**

C.J.'s P.O.V.

I can't believe he's dead. I just can't believe it. I'll miss him, I didn't love him, I told him it was a crush and he'd get over it, and now.... It took 3 years to realize that it wasn't, and he didn't, and now he's dead. Oh My God, now I have to clean up his blood. He bought me a goldfish for Pete's sake. He called it Gail. Now Gail is all I have to remember him by. I have to keep her alive, now it's just the two of us. I have to remember not to let Sam near my fish. I hope Toby's OK, he didn't really have a reaction. I know he hated him; he never liked any of the Press Corps. It's true, I did love Danny at one point, but I knew it would never work. The Press Secretary, and a member of the White House Press Corps, that would be worse than Clinton. I told him so, and I told him NOT to take the Editor's job. I can't believe I said that. I just stomped on hi heart with my high-heels and walked away. I've moved on to a different man, though. It's going to be OK. No more fishboy.

**Chapter 7b**

Toby's P.O.V.

I hope C.J.'s ok. I can't believe she walked in on that. That's a picture you won't be able to get out of your head. She must have been heartbroken. I know that at one point she loved him, and she seemed to move on, but still.... Sure, Danny was annoying, and he WAS nosy, but he didn't deserve that. Noone deserves that. To be shot in the head, honestly. Now I have to bury him. I suppose it would be easier to cremate him, but the DNA would be traceable. I can't believe how I sound. I have to go make sure C.J.'s not going to break down again before I go....

**Chapter 8a**

Josh's P.O.V.

Jeez, he's dead, I can't believe it. I mean, sure he was annoying, and I've never exchanged more than a few words, and a 'sup? But really.... I tried to keep Donna from seeing, but she can be strong when she wants to. Don't ever challenge her to an arm-wrestling match, no matter how bored you are. She made my arm sore for two days. She doesn't like not knowing things, or being left out of the loop, like C.J..... Oh God, C.J.I wonder how she's doing. I saw her, but you know I didn't see her. Oh never mind, I'm sure she was crying anyway. When Donna saw, she fainted, I caught her just in time, and I dragged her off to the side. She was still unconscious through Ainsley's scream. I brought her out of it though. I was gonna stay with her, because I knew she would have a lot of questions, but I knew I had to go dig. I don't know where that drywall thing came up. I wonder if what I said was to get her out of it, or if I really meant it.

**Chapter 8b**

Donna's P.O.V.

I can't believe it, he's dead, he's just....dead. Sure, he was nosy, but noone deserves to die but a criminal, and Danny was no criminal. I heard C.J. scream, so I knew it was Danny, and I heard the shot, but I didn't think he was dead. I heard no scream. I didn't know what to think. C.J. went, and then Toby, and then Josh, at first he blocked my view, but he knew he couldn't for long. I think I fainted, or fell down, or something. When I woke up, I had heard everything he had said. I can't believe it, I mean, I've imagined the scenario, but never like this. I wonder if what he said was just to get me out of it, or if he really meant it. I don't think he knows himself.

**Chapter 9a**

Kenny's P.O.V.

I've seen some weird things, but I've never seen a person dead before. I didn't even know him, but still. When I signed to Joey, "I think I heard something.", I never in a million years thought it was a gunshot. It was kind of muffled....

**Chapter 9b**

Joey's P.O.V.

I can't hear it, but I know they're crying. When you can't hear, you start to develop other senses, most importantly, an acute sense of other people's feelings. I didn't hear the gunshot, but I saw the look on everybody's face. I didn't hear C.J. scream Danny, but I could read hear lips. I didn't hear Ainsley scream, but I saw everybody look that way. Kenny could hear everything though, I hope he's OK. He looked shaken up....

**Chapter 10a**

Sam's P.O.V.

Oh My God, he's dead and I killed him, now I have to destroy the evidence. I'm a cold-blooded murderer. I'm a graduate of Princeton and Yale, and I should KNOW better! I'll be fired and put in jail, I'll rot on Death Row forever, forgotten, or I'll get the death Penalty, and at my execution, there will be hundreds of people laughing, Al Kiefer will be there, but as I start to fry on Ol' Sparky, he'll go out to the 7-11 and get a pack of cigarettes for Satan. The President will be there shaking his head, Ainsley will ask me why, Why did I do it? Nobody will ever talk to me again; I'll be an outcast. I wonder how Ainsley's doing, she seemed pretty upset....

**Chapter 10b**

Ainsley's P.O.V.

He's dead, he's really dead. The great Danny, dead. I didn't think it could happen, he was relentless. They think I didn't know him, I did. I knew him personally. He kept hitting on me. It was after C.J. told him it would never work. He was on some sort of weird rebound. He said if I kept saying no, he would spread a rumor about Sam and I. I told him noone would believe him, I said it real calm too, but inside I was worried and shaking. I almost couldn't get the words out, and now he's dead. Donna heard the threat he made to me, and I told her everything. As far as I know, she hasn't told anyone. She seemed pretty upset when he died too. He had done the same thing to her, after I rejected him for the last time. I was happy that he had gotten off my back, yet worried for Donna. I hope she's OK. I was just listening to Air on a G-string, when I heard it. I hope Sam's OK.

**Chapter 11a**

He never let's me go home at a decent hour. Just because he's a workaholic, doesn't mean I have to be. I guess it's OK though, he gets some alone-time, even though he doesn't do anything but work. But hey, what else is new? Honestly, it's almost 12:00. It's really quiet, I suppose noone else is here, it's real quiet..... Oh My God, was that a gunshot?

**Chapter 12**

After they all split up, the girls set to the task of finding some cleaning supplies. They could only find water and a bucket, in the Mess, so they went upstairs to the West Wing, to try and find a sponge in the janitor's closet. They could only find one, but it was big, so they cut it into fours. Then they heard a voice behind them,

"I saw Danny, I mean, I saw Danny." At first they didn't recognize her, but then they realized it was a red-eyed, teary Margaret. "W-What happened?" C.J. explained as best she could, without starting to cry again, but she, and all the others were still at a loss as to why exactly, Sam shot Danny. They had to tell the guys.

**Chapter 13**

Donna had Josh's number on speed dial. She got him immediately.

"Joshua Lyman, Deputy Chief-Of-Staff." He answered.

"Josh, we have a problem."

"Donna, we really don't need a problem right now."

" I know, we have a new addition to the group."

"Oh darn, who?"


(Muttering something to himself) "How'd she take it?"

"Not well, I tried to explain to her what happened, but I'm still at a loss as to why exactly, Sam shot Daniel Concannon, a member of the White House Press Corps, Joshua!"

"Whoa, C.J., when did you get on the phone?"

"Doesn't matter, but as soon as you guys get back, Sam has a lot of explaining to do!"

"OK, calm down, we're done, and we're just saying a few words before we leave, Ok?"




"Are you OK, I mean seriously?"

"I don't know Josh, I just don't know."

OK, well, see you in 3 hours."




What Should Happen?

1.What should Josh have said to make Donna wake up?

2.Who should be C.J.'s "different man"?

3.Why did Josh say, "WAIT!"?

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