You Look Familiar.... Part 1
Author: Donna Moss
Disclaimer: They're not mine, they're Aaron Sorkin's and they were just so interesting I have to write stories about them.
Genre: Humor
Spoilers: As I see new episodes, I'm going to add new things, everything through current episodes.
Summary: "He's looks familiar. Not like I've seen him in the newspapers, like somewhere else." She thought as she walked into his office.
Rating: PG for good measure.
Author's Note: Just a little story I thought of whilst looking at the boy of my dreams, and wondering what would happen if I worked for him 15 years down the road on a campaign trail for the Presidency. I had nothing better to do in 6th period. I hate the American Revolution. Enjoy.
Alternating P.O.V.
Donna P.O.V.
"Who Are You?"
The voice startled me. Who it was startled me even more, even though I had practiced this scenario several times in my head.
"I'm Donna Moss. I'll be your new assistant."
"Did I have an old assistant?"
'Maybe not."
"Who ARE You?"
"I'm Donna Moss, I went to...."
I still remember that day like it was yesterday, because, actually, it was.
He looked familiar, not like I had seen him on the news, like, I don't know, something else.... Oh Well, Joshua Lyman was my boss and now, there was nothing I could do to help it. I'll have to admit though, I id lie a bit to get in. I kind of assigned myself to his office. I don't know who Margaret is, but I think I just got her in trouble.

Next Day
Josh P.O.V.
I hope this new assistant doesn't cause trouble. Diane, Donna, something like that. I wanted to tell her off, but somehow I couldn't. I sensed there was something she wasn't telling me. Something familiar....
"Mr. Lyman?"
The sound of her voice made me jump.
"Ms. Moss, please don't sneak up on me like that. What's that face for?"
"Nothing. What face?"
"The face."
"I'm not making any type of face, Mr. Lyman. Sorry if I scared you."
"Earlier, when you jumped."
"I do not scared."
"Then why did you jump?"
"Never mind, what do you need?"
I do not get scared. Nothing makes me scared. Were we just what's the word.....bantering? Weird, yet interesting.
"Senator Stackhouse has been on hold on line 4 for 10 minutes."
"Oh jeez, he's going to be a little cranky."
"A little bit."
"Take messages for the next 30 minutes, and then come in the office, and tell me I have a meeting to go to. OK?"
She cracked a smile. Previously, she had been looking like I was going to fire her on the spot. I wonder what she did....
"That might work."
"Tried and true by John."
That was funny, she almost choked.
"The girls would be very interested to hear that...."
She said that with this sneaky smirk on her face, like she knew something I didn't.
"The girls, What is this? A slumber party?"

"Ginger, Bonnie, Cathy, Carol, and um, Margaret. I met some of them after work yesterday."
"Listen, Donna."
She was surprised to hear him call her by her first name.
"What?" She wondered what she did wrong now. Besides make a personal call 20 minutes ago. She hoped he didn't find out.
"If we get into the White House, which we will, I will have a certain level of secrecy. That level of secrecy cannot be obtained if you go around blabbing everything to the Brat Pack that we say."
"Oh." She was both hurt and amused at the same time. He sounded so professional.
"If word got out that Hoynes did that, I could be fired."
"Kind of like Boss-Assistant privilege?"
"As you wish."
Now she knew where she had seen him before.
"Oh My God."

Chapter 2



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