This is our idea about how continuous Ellie.
Warning: there is blood... Samīs blood .
We want to make money, but we know that with this we would not win neither for the bread, for that reason we desist on the monetary idea... our ambition is to learn English.
Authors; Diego and Vero.


The End Justifies The Means -  part 1

It was like one of those curious visions that one dreams of, in the

nightmares where everything appears deformed. The buildings were

black and very tall, standing up before me and threatening to collapse

on my head. They seemed to rise infinitely. I felt cold and soaked, and the

rain wet my face. I lifted my head off the pavement and saw it was all red.

I leaned on an elbow. The blood dripped off my raincoat. I looked, stunned, at

the red pavement. A lot of blood. ' Mine?'.

My stomach jumbled and I vomited there. It felt sick and everything looked green.

Finally I was under an obligation to get on my knees.

In the distance, I heard a siren. They were far, but they were coming closer. I got up,

trembling, and leaned on a car parked in the corner. I didn't know where I was; the

street was dark and silent. I looked at the bloody pavement and I wondered what
could happen.

The sirens came closer.

Wobbling, I turned to the corner, stopping to recover my breath.

The sirens were closer, a light now shone in the street that I have just abandoned.

It rained again. I didn't know how far I walked. I didn't know where I was.

I continued walking until I saw a taxi. It was detained with the motor going.

- Take me to the next hospital, – I said.

The driver looked at my face.

-Donīt think so, – he said, – forget it.

And he left me transfixed there, when I was about to get inside.

In the distance, I heard the sirens again.

Again, I felt sick. I leaned a little and waited for it to happen. I vomited again.

The blood dripped of some parts of my face. There were red drops in my vomit.

It continued raining. I trembled in the cold, but that was what kept me conscious.

I got up and tried to control my senses, I was in some part of Washington, the next

sign said Canning Street. That name didn't mean anything to me. I began to walk,

hesitant, stopping frequently.

I hoped to find the correct address. I knew that I was losing blood, but didn't know how

much. After walking a little, I had to stop to lean on some parked car and to recover my


Every time I felt more stunned.

I tripped and fell. My knees hit the pavement and I felt pain through my whole body.
After a moment, I felt better and was able to stand up again. My shoes were drenched.

My clothes, too, with perspiration and rain.

I concentrated on the sound of my own steps and made an obligation to myself to continue

walking. One step after another. Three streets down, I saw lights. I knew that I could come in.

One step after another.

For a moment I leaned on a blue car, only a moment to recover my breath .

'You can come in, Seaborn'.

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